Music Thread


I will take courage to post my recent mix I record just today.
It was my old idea to gather all the anthems in one mix and it happened today.
It features all the ASOT anthems in descending order from ASOT900 to ASOT450.
Hope you won’t kill me for sharing this :slight_smile:
Maybe even somebody here loves trance music


Even if I end up not liking this, it’s cool that you made it yourself.


God damn.


Is on the radio, rememberd i’d heard it on it before




I think this is the only music video I have seen where the comment section isn’t filled with people going"music today sucks now, I was born in the wrong generation" Which is good because that would nullify the song. Sorry rant over.


Sick riff


All on that day.


I’m playing the new Daughters album a lot lately. It’s absolutely amazing. One of the most bizzare, surreal and challenging albums I have heard in years. I dunno how they manage to make music that sound like it’s physically intimidating you but they’ve done it, the crazy bastards.

Here’s 2 of my favourite tracks. By far the most “normal” song on the album:

And one which starts a bit strange but progressively becomes more nightmarish as it goes on. The guitars literally sound like a lawnmower running over your face.



From my favourite band, Status Quo.



Heard it on the radio


I dunno how I found this, but I am liking this.


Yes, this is a meme song. But it’s still good.


Holy shit, It’s been like 8 years since I’ve thought of this song



Was supposed to be going to see Ozzy for the final time next week, but it’s been postponed 'till September. Now I have the enjoyable task of trying to get a refund from the O2 box office (worst customer service ever!)

Oh well, I could always go and see the Harry Styles concert instead! :grin:


Any ACDC fans in the UK need to see these, ACDC UK tribute band, absolutely brilliant, closest you get to the real thing! Saw them last year and seeing them again in April as they come to a venue in my town.