Music Thread


See rock and roll bands is always sad. So much youth gone by, such passion that has fleeted and far too many old people in the crowd for my liking.


ACDC were way before my time, I’m 28, correct you get a few older ones there but that doesn’t effect the enjoyment I get from the gig


AC/DC were way before my time to and I am 20. Yes that is my real age, shocker I know.
Also I wouldn’t know I only see the ads for concerts on my TV and I hate liver performances unless they are Brown at the Apollo or Cash at Folsom.


Livs gigs are the best thing ever. You trippin


Why do you think that’s shocking?

I suppose you must be a doctor if you had a chance to watch one.I doubt I would like it either,it sounds kind of gross


To be fair, nobody goes to see these artists expecting the raw, chaotic, high-energy performance of youth, you go almost as an homage for all the great music they’ve given you over the years.
And you don’t like these kind of gigs because there might be old people there? Lol that’s kind of ageist… just as well though, cos if I ever saw you at a concert I’d spit out my Werther’s Original and beat you with my walking stick :grin:


I was almost going to post this in the Lucas Grey Topic… But figured… Nah. Anyway, I could see a video being made from this song with a good number of references to Hitman (and Lucas Grey).


Anyone else miss the 90s?


No, Everything I have truly seen of the 80s and 90s makes me NOT want to go there.


What would you prefer, I wonder?


I would prefer living in my current epoch. If I wanna hear old music I got YouTube


The current state of the world pleases you? The only argument behind this is the internet. As it gives us access to any time period we like.

Considering our own, we are in dark times.

Who knows how much longer the internet will afford us this luxury?

Pardon me, but you may be showing your age here.


Well not entirely but every single epoch or age of history has had troubles but the problems we face today global warming, poverty ect have always existed. I want to change them in some capacity not sit around going “it all sucks, everything today sucks I wish I could go back to the Eighties”. In my honest raw opinion that is a shitty attitude, if you wanna complain then don’t, actually do something to better the world if you think it is that bad.

Today we have greater social freedoms, we have hyper-connectedness, we have advances in medicine, technology and other fields. We have access to staggering amounts of cultural information, new people and experiences and relatively stable peace. Also 1986 didn’t have Hitman games so I would say it is a leg up.


You mean hypersensitivity. :yum:


So I’ll confirm that you’re showing your age…

global warming (better term: Climate Change) has not existed in theory until the industrial revolution, and clearly the effects were not noticeable by scientists until around the 70s.

This is true, in addition to greater social taboos, for example a comedian can joke about much less than he was able to in 1980 or 1970. It’s a trade-off.

Not what I insinuated at all, was just asking simply

who missed the 90s?

There are valid arguments this is a bad thing, although I tend to disagree. Same for how I disagree that we as a human race should go back to hunter-gatherers. Preposterous.


From what I have heard from my family about the 80s, and 90s, it sounds like it wasn’t as good a time as today to be honest, although they might be biased because half of them grew up in an authoritarian dictatorship.


The 90s were the beez-kneez in America.


Better term is Anthoprogenic (yeah spelling is wrong I think) climate change I used GW since it was the first thing that came to mind. Climate Change is my number one priority to fix, like many of my generation.

True but the overall number has increased try making a joke about capitalists in the 50s.

“Just what the Hell is anracho-primitavism” HITMAN.:joy:


Not when you live in either

A) A place that just got rid of communism

B) a fucking warzone


Don’t you ever change this. It is the priority of your seniors, as well. (No, btw, adding ‘Anthroprogenic’ is not better, it makes the term more wordy. The goal is easy to remember: easier to understand, the better)

I mean this is a ridiculous statement to make with your reasoning.

You’re right, the subject of jokes have changed throughout the ages; this is the nature of comedy. But the sensitivity from jokes made has increased an alarming fold from years past, which is what my statement was referring to.

You’re not such a young man anymore, take some patience and think about what I’ve said. Patience is a virtue. Come back with a collected response (I’m sure our AI Overlord would prefer it be in Private Chat!)