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You’re not as young a man, so which places are you referring to then? As we’re talking about the 90s pertaining to America?

Rwanda is no good, so that one makes sense.

Russia did what they did well before the 90s.

So what the fuck are you talking about?


The time to cater to deniers is over we must act now it is imperative. Also the word was chosen by scientific consensus not me. That is a thing I want to change, I am no scientist but I understand science and I understand scientists. The problem with them is that scientist cannot communicate effectively as they think

Shocker I am 20 years old.

Nah I will post a song up on my next post.


My mother was born in communist Poland.

My father, a very peaceful place called Yugoslavia.


My point is this is to cater to someone who does not care for convoluted words. If you do not care to cater to such people and deem them beneath you, we are on different wavelengths.

You know that I know this, I was referring to your youth in my post.

To the first point in this post, are you really valuing scientific terminology over spreading the validity of climate change? because that’s what you’ve been saying means.


So I’ll genuinely ask, how does 90s U.S. affect these countries?

I’m not certain, but I know yugo was created after the fall of CCCP

What about Poland?

More importantly, what does their QoL have to do with America during the 90s?

Consider they lost a cold war they actively participated in for 40+ years (USSR)


Poland because of the U.S.’s hard-on (not a pretty image lol) for the fall of communism.

Yugoslavia (which was created long before the fall of CCCP) because the U.S. bombed the absolute shit out of it.


And alright just so we don’t summon the beast


I care about everyone, I want to change how scientist communicate there ideas or at least make a place where they can be explained easily.

This is my last post. I have no desire to continue arguing as I have a lot of irons in the fire as of right now.



Wasn’t this due to genocide?

These are genuine questions, my history classes were inside the U.S.


Me too mate, we’re on the same page there.

I wish I knew what that meant, I’ll just assume the aussie spiders have attacked your house like in minecraft.

If you’re in a rough patch, rest easy.

Edit: Well, rest easy regardless.

  1. There’s even songs about the bombings.

Yes, but while action being taken is certainly appreciated, bombing isn’t very discrete, so, naturally, civilians died (about thirty, maybe more). But the big damage was to infrastructure. And like any good bombing run, there was a sequel…


That is an Americanism I think, it means I have a lot to do right now.


Ok, back to music


Nah bro, we’re not done with this comment.

Have you heard of Dresden? The effectiveness of bombing has been established since then. I’m not defending bombing, but explaining it as a war tactic.

It’s effective.

It takes a lot of lives. Obama’s executive branch has taken many more lives than Trump’s (albeit O’s got five years longer), as much as it pains me to say, and that is because of drone airstrikes. Which is modern day aerial bombing.

You oughta play Civ, I think you’d like it. Do not do this around exams.

Perhaps you know all this, and neglected to mention it.

The fact is: bombing, or airstrikes, or any kind of air warfare is a symptom of war. And clearly, the part of the nature of this strategy is civilian casualties.


This is why I don’t go for explosion kills in Hitman.


War never changes. It evolves. I won’t defend Obama, but this practice is not unprecedented nor is it limited to leaders publicly deemed as good.


you know i had to do it


You know that’s why I said it


i know you know I know


This one’s really a bit overdue, isn’t it?



I can get down with Royce, but only because he’s solid and from my hometown

Nobody has good beats these days