Music Thread


This is what “good beats” means. Ignore the vocals.


I think if you look hard enough, you can find good beats. J. Cole (IMO) has some pretty nice beats, same with ASAP Rocky, and JID


You should PM me their best examples because, to be frank, I don’t have patience to listen to ‘rap’ from the past two decades.

There’s some I like, but it’s rare enough where I deem it beyond worth pursuing.

Feel free to try and prove me wrong.


This is the one that got me into hip hop


And then here’s the semi-modern hip-hop beat, sans rap.

Can you imagine Biggie over this? I’ve heard remixes, but its not the same.


No problem

Just tell me what “type” of beat you prefer?


Who’s ugly side is the ugliest
Sensitivity deprived
All my sympathy prescribed
Who’s hands are tied to a contorsionist
I used to struggle in my youth
Now I’m used to struggling for two
I have become uncomfortably numb



Is having a name like Tekashi 6ix9ine one of the nine crimes he is indited for?


If anyone is into Reggae/Dancehall music then you’ll enjoy this very much. Everything from conscious, militant, guidance and much more.
1100+ songs and updating weekly.


this song fucking ruins me tbh


What the fuck


So the Cold War, The Troubles AND the Revolutionary War are starting up again? Well I hope England wins this time The Revolutionary War not The Troubles.


I’m betting this is fake. There’s no way 21 is actually a brit


Maybe they detained him for having the name 21 Savage?




Abolish ICE


What a song


The riff that drives this song, while simple, is an all-time great to me. One of those songs that seems like an accident in how perfect it is.


I don’t know why or how I got into Japanese soul as of late but here I am.
I blame google/youtube algorithms.

Listen to that can you hear the soul, can you feel it?

I really like the singing voice even in English. Usually it’s very jarring the switch. I would imagine it hard to carry a note in a foreign tongue.

This one has been stuck in my head for a week straight. No idea what she is saying but that chorus and hook melody has me relaxed.

What a voice.