Music Thread


I wanna make a list of albums I am excited for in 2019 and have nowhere else to do it, so here goes:

MONO - Nowhere Now Here (Jan 25th so already out - Fukken awesome)
Rotting Christ - The Heretics (February)
La Dispute - Panorama (March 22nd)
American Football - LP3 (March 22nd)
Raketkanon - LP3 (March sometime)
Pelican - Nighttime Stories (TBC)
Tool - LP5 (TBC)

Also rumour has it Cult of Luna are in the studio working on something so keeping my ears peeled for that


Not overly familiar with the other artists you listed but I’ll always try and check new stuff out of course.

Not too much confirmed for me atm…

Gary Clark Jr -This Land
Devlin -The Outcast

However, rumoured to be in the pipeline is new stuff (TBA) from: Pearl Jam, Prophets of Rage, RHCP, Run the Jewels 4, Nick Cave, Pixies and Ryan Adams!





Not a song but a short documentary about a tour


Holy shit, a lil pump song that’s actually kind of good?





Okay one more. These guys are out of my hometown. And this version is vastly better than the studio recording.

I saw White live about a year ago, phenomenal. Played everything from his career



Only a month in, but this is already a strong contender to be among my albums of the year… the man with dusty fingers is back!

Wait for the beat, wait for the horns, wait for the rap -master crafted hip-hop.



God’s Plan won over Lucky You, I’m about to shoot myself.

How did we let this happen?


Let what happen? Someone caring about Grammy outcomes?


But a lesser-known artist (Joyner) winning something would bring him great exposure (which he deserves). That’s the only reason I posted this


I think “I’m not Raciest” is the song that should have won Joyner a Grammy. While I certainly agree Joyner is far better then Drake, I see why they picked “God’s Plan”. Their reasons being it’s more light-hearted and positive in nature then Lucky You. Besides, winning Grammys is usually about fun songs and catchy tunes then lyrics which is a shame.


I hate the idea of award shows or ThingOTY. I believe that if it is good then there is no reason for it to be placed above anything else. Everything is good, bad or average for different reasons.



One of the best voices in rock. Still sounds as good as he did nearly 30 years ago on those first Kyuss albums (jeez I’m getting old!) Some sweet riffs on this album too!