Music Thread


Some old school shit




wolf gang




His work in Chaos Theory was amazing.I love this one too


What a true hero


They made a fucking typo. It is pizzas not pizza’s. How did that slip by the editor?


I dunno


I know right! One time a group of authors wanted to test a low level publisher’s authentication method. Had a bunch of AI or computer programs make a novel. Still took the complete nonsense.




The new Rotting Christ album is great. Contender for extreme metal album of the year



I’m posting this with full shame.

It’s just stuck in my head and can’t get it out. You gotta admit its catchy as fuck.


Betty Who has basically been on repeat on my iTunes for like a week now. Here’s one of her older jams. It’s bubble gum pop for sure.


New Soen album came out this month. They’re one of the most consistent progressive metal bands in my opinion. Their last 2 albums have been utterly solid.




I’ve been on a very strange 90’s kick. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to join a bowling league again this summer.