Music Thread


I love this song from Lissie


So apparently this is the source of the emerging Japanese 80 pop thing going on with You tube.

Was talking with my wife about it and come to find out she is on the same trend and it started for her with this song, others say the same thing.

This video has been takin down a few times cause the photographer claims copyright.

Anyway I think this is in my top five favorite 80’s Japanese songs, they really really remind me of what was called Neo-Soul artists like Erykah Badu, Remy Shand, Maxwell.

This is a song I have already listened to for more than an hour of repeat as I do my creative work.
Such a voice.

The Japanese got soul bro, never would have guessed.


You should also check their Jazz, or even their general Rock 'n Roll.


ほう え よ ! :zombie: :fire: :baby:


Creativity thrives everywhere but there’s a lot of special bands from Japan who I love dearly. MONO are a very important band for me, i’ve seen them perform around 15 times and it is always magical.

And then there’s Melt Banana who are one of the strangest bands of all time - They sound like a mixture of agit-punk, noise, power electronics and bubblegum pop on a bad LSD trip.

Two extremely different bands but there’s something distinctly Japanese about both.



Noriyuki Asakura’s soundtracks to the Tenchu series is my second favourite video game music outside of Jesper’s Hitman work, I still listen to them regularly. They’re very special pieces of music for me.


STALKER best game ever



Get yo EDM on




I have 3 tanks (2 propane and one from a water well) that I could make into tank drums. So peaceful.

I searched for this music on YT, this was one of the results. I didn’t first noticed the (Hitman) reference at the start until later (after replaying it). That’s part of why I decided to post it here.


I thought you meant actual tanks for a minute, I’m kind of disappointed now


For me, this is something special. Love it…


I go to this one music festival annualy right (It’s the only one I go to as a punter) and this year’s lineup had a lot of acts I didn’t know, so i’ve been checking them out as I go. I was particularly struck by A.A Williams. Never heard of her until today, but won’t be forgetting her in a hurry.



Listening to random Velvet Underground tracks on youtube.