Music Thread


I’m not a huge fan of 2pac. But the man had talent as a poet and had a fierce spirit.

This is a nice mix of Samurai Champloo beats with 2 pac lyrics.


Beginning is magical





Poppy (I always post poppy stuff) but it’s on fire right now. I love it.



Hot damn, I need to see this man live!



Here I am shaking protein shakes while i’m dancing around in the kitchen to that song. I do like it I must say.

Also one of my all time favorit songs from one of my favorit bands!


Harmony Day’s coming up, so I decided to start learning this on piano :smile:



Motley Crue had a bunch of good tunes. Kickstart my Heart, Girls Girls Girls, Home Sweet Home, Wild Side!!!



Want to present you my new trance mix featuring couple new tracks from Armin and Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila and more


Dedicated to the old bitch Thatcher


@Nazareth You Sir have by far the best taste in music on this Forum. Golden age Boom Bap Rap doesn’t get better than that.


I’m shocked that nobody has posted any Rakim tracks. Rakim is the GOAT he singlehandedly changed the game and the way everybody flows. He is your favourite rappers favourite rapper.


First diss track in history


My favorit songs about Bells