Music Thread

To get in the Halloween mood this October

Do you know what time it is? Fuck yeah it is PIZZA TIME!!!


I never understood all the words of this song. Even reading them :rofl:

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All I care about is Spider-Man delivering pizzas.

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We need more '80s synth in this thread.

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Sometimes when I get angry I just play a song like this.


Hey do you know what will happen five days from now? That is right Canadian Thanksgiving but I am still deciding how I should celebrate it (Much like the rest of Canada. I mean who exactly are you thankful for… Gretsky?) But for now here is an actual song by an actual Canadian band. (Yes I am aware this song is the best of Rush’s weird ass synth period)

Not eating people, that’s what…ya cunt.

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We don’t have a Thanksgiving. We have a day to celebrate how awesome our nation is and how it still stands. Unlike Canada which needs to give thanks for not being annexed by the US ever year.

Canada Day is more known than Australia Day.

By what measure?

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Is this the new forum meme?

In centimetres

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So it goes…

By that metric I win. On average Aussies are 1.5 taller than Canadians for males and about like 1 cm for females.

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I’m above the average. In fact, I can’t hear you down there, can you speak up?

Back to music


Yes. At least for us 3.


An Englishman, an Australian and a Canadian-Irish-Hungarian-Croatian walk into a bar…

Wait not all of them are old enough to drink. Maybe it can be a Bar in Denmark

Uh Doom is like over 30, I am 21 and Sean is 16 (Given that he is Canadian I assume birth is the legal drinking age). I don’t drink alcohol out of personal restraint.