Music Thread

Hey man, cool stuff you got going on!

@Fleur Added to my favourites on youtube, you guys really Rock! great track :thumbsup:

I play Drums myself and love wailing guitar riffs,and baselines keep up the good work
what Instrument Do you play? I dont get the time to play anymore but hopefully will in the future.

Very cool to hear! Yeah, you should definitely make time for it again, it’s always awesome to play music no matter where you’re at. In my opinion.

I play guitar. I am the guy on the far left.

I’ve been streaming the new Mastodon album, “Once More Around the Sun” on iTunes radio all week at work. Cannot get enough of it.

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Reminds me of this!

Any fans of electro swing?


Oh yes, Indeed I am @Dark_Sider.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Parov Stelar in the last couple of weeks too.
Right now, I’m in fact listening to Analogik, Danish band mixing balkan, electronic and jazz.

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@Dark_Sider fuck yes! Parov Stelar is generally the best (imo) at producing high quality tracks.

But there are others as well. I think the genre is great for live performances.

Textures did a stripped down, acoustic version of their song Messengers. It’s bloody lovely.

@Silentguy @Devils_Advocate Yeeees bros, I think Parov and Caravan are the kings and queens of electro swing but there’s so many hidden gems in the genre.


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I’m not sure if anyone cares, but I’ve been putting together a Best of GTA playlist on Google Play Music. I’ve gone through the soundtracks of Vice City, San Andreas and V and compiled the best stuff on them. I haven’t played 3 or 4 much so I haven’t added much of those yet, although I will do those soon. Also, I’ll have to go through all the other off shoot games like Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories.

Anyway here’s the link.

This is one of my favourite tunes atm. It’s so funky…

Yeah, VCS has a really good sountrack. IV isn’t too bad, but don’t forget the Episodes from LC.
III is meh.

I noticed how short the list for 3 was, I was a little bit surprised.

Huge Kimbra crush atm. Can’t wait for the new Album.

I’m not sure if anyone here remembers LSD and the Search for God EP that came out back in '06/'07 but it was fantastic.

But, they’ve put out a single for their new EP soon. I can’t wait, I always loved their first.

I’m sure Rohan will be happy about this, I think he may have actually been the one to introduce me to them.

I’ve heard it a year ago or so. It was pretty good, although didn’t really do much to differentiate itself from an exact copy of My Bloody Valentine.

But anyhow, I’ve recently “discovered” this, which I though for years was a Judas Priest song:

(Not gonna lie, even though it was almost 40 years ago, I’m kind of furious at Priest for ruining a perfectly good chorus like that by using that godawful high-pitched guitar instead of a sax.)

Gun’s entire self-titled album is excellent psychedelic/blues rock stuff. Especially this one:

Just returned from “Roskilde Festival” yesterday - a large annual music and culture festival in Denmark.
Saw both the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Kasabian, Manu Chao and many others. Holy smoke it was great. I just love festivals and live concerts.

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Roskilde sounds nice :smile:

I’m addicted to Haim remixes right now :smiley:

So, this Sunday, I’m going to see Slowdive. Might as well post some:

If the concert is even half as good as this, my life is pretty much complete.