Music Thread


I know Witcher trials left Geralt with reduced capacity to express emotion but I can’t help wondering what he felt hearing that song. Great composition.

Love Malukah’s cover too. She does a verse in the Polish language version also.



This is best story in any song. Period. You should like it guys.


Listening to early 2000s hardcore. Great shit.


The witcher 3 soundtrack really is my favourite when it comes to game related tracks. “Kaer Morhen” and “The tree when we sat once” are among the most beautiful songs ive ever heard actually, Mikolai Stroinski is a magician. I need to play this game through on deathmarch again…


This is how you make a music video


Does anyone here listen to classical music? I would like some suggestions as I have recently taken a liking to it. A few examples of symphonies I like, moonlight sonata, Chopin - prelude in E minor and Symphony number 5 in C minor “Allegro con brio”.


The Flowers Duet is simply irresistible.


I have heard it before and you’re right it’s beautiful thanks for giving me the title.


Holst - The Planets
Vivaldi - Four Seasons
Verdi - Requiem
Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain
Saint Saëns - Danse Macabre

Some of my favourites.


Thank you I will check them out :+1:.




holy shit this is amazing. Best video on youtube at the moment


I checked out The Planets and Danse Macabre so far and loved them both :grinning:.


Glad to hear it. Two of my favourites. I love to play danse macabre at Halloween.


Love this performance- Wish there was a HD version.


Pretty cool of her to do a cover from a lesser known artist, like Voltaire


I like this kind of music but I don’t understand a bloody word of the screaming :joy:.


Screaming?! She’s got a lovely voice. And the lyrics are in the description!

Caught a lite sneeze caught a lite breeze
Caught a lightweight lightingseed
Boys on my left side
Boys on my right side
Boys in th emiddle
And you’re not here I need a big oan
From the girl zone

tumbling down
Didn’t know our love was so small
Coun’t stand at all
Mr. St. John just bring you son

The spire is hot
And my cells can’t feed
And you still got that Belle dragging your foots
I’m hiding it well Sister Ernestine
But I still got that Belle
Dragging my foots

Right on time you get closer
And closer
Called my name but there’s no way in
Use that fame
Rent you wife and kids today
Maybe she will
Maybe she will caught a lite sneeze
Dreamed a little dream
Made my own pretty hate machine
Boys on my left side
Boys on my right side
Boys in the middle and you’re not here
Boys in their dresses
And you’re not here
I need a big loan from the girl zone