Music Thread


Just put this on Spotify - Big riffs, spaced out organs and 10 minute songs haha. My kinda jam. Cheers mate



Black Stone Cherry are my favourite band! <3




YES! new Qotsa album on the way. the tiny snippet sounds great. major hyyyyyyyyype


Yo @Pissfloyd check out the new Dead Heavens record. It’s on Spotify now. Solid, fuzzy rock n roll band fronted by Walter Schriefels. Busy guy lately. Should fill the void until the new QOTSA album is released…


this is awesome, thanks


Reckon it’ll be on heavy rotation over the summer. Fuzz fuzzzz fuzzz



Damn, Foo Fighters are killing it at Glastonbury! Unfortunately they had to pull out in '15 when I went along. Live link below for those who can use it. I love the fact that Pat Smear is playing guitar with them this evening. Pat joined Dave and the rest of Nirvana on stage for their MTV Unplugged session back in 93.


Seen the Foo’s back in 2007, Nine Inch Nails opened for them, unreal,
just got tickets to Depeche Mode in Dublin, so happy! :smiley:


I’m just going to Rome for Depeche Mode’s concert this night


But Pat Smear is a member of the Foo Fighters… :confused:



Well that would explain it. I’ve always known Foo Fighters as just Dave Grohl’s band and never looked up other members.


Was it good? Or do I need to ask?


Wonderful, but you already know. Into three weeks again in Rome for U2 :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Yeah, Pat Smear was the Foo Fighters guitarist to start with, but he quit shortly after the second album was released in 1997. He rejoined again in 2006.

Only time I ever saw Foo Fighters live was in 2000 at Reading.


I’ve been listening to a cool punk rock band called Beach Slang. Some good shit.


Just left the Megadeth concert I went to. Here’s a few pics from it.