Music Thread


How were Meshuggah and Tesseract tho??

Nice pics btw, good spot


Tesseract was awesome. I’m definitely gonna be looking into their music more. Meshuggah was good too, but I’d take tesseract over them though.


This combines two of my favourite things: Sigur Ros and Game of Thrones.




old gold


Every time I listen (which is regularly mind you) to the Contracts theme it gives me goosebumps… it’s such a badass track! The vocals are especially cool! Anyone know if they are speaking a certain language - like Latin? Or is it just gibberish… Whatever they’re singing, it’s really powerful. I love the contrast between the deep male vocals and the female falsetto!

Here… listen!


I’m searching for something like this. To listen while driving, maybe in some good company.
I have a special album in my car with similar song for special occasions. Looking to expand it. Can some one help?




Summer Pop Music



The latest Jay-Z album has been out for a little
I like the album-I was never a Jay Z fan for real I just like a few of his singles and honestly after his last album I felt he fell off.

So far off this album 4:44 he has made music videos for two of my favorite tracks.

"The story of OJ"

I think this is my favorite track and music video off the album. Last semester I accidentally took an American Slavery class. Had I not taken that class I would have not understood the art and characters being shown. Alot of those scenes are old time characters or actual pictures.

The scene with Jaybo lynched in front of the crowd with the lone boy smiling to the camera is based off real post cards and photographs. The Mammy-the children shown as savages with bones. It was all historical so I can dig that.

I think my favorite line in the song besides the “I’'m not black I’m OJ” which is legend by itself-is the line “You on Instagram holding money to your ear-there is a disconnect we don’t call that money over here.”

The other video is "4:44"
I like this mostly because of the sample from ‘Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - Late Nights & Heartbreak’ To me good music leads you to other music

My favorite part is the part the sample uses which I guess is around 1:39
That’s what I call real soulful right there. What impressed me further is that the singer is white. I thought for sure that was not only a dead artist but an older black woman. She just has a sound I equal to the Fitzgearld time frame.

Anyway back to the video. Honestly I don’t understand it as well as I do the story of OJ but besides that I like the adult message he has in the music. At least the man has gone from “big pippin” to “what good is a menage a trois when you have a soul mate?”

My two favorite tracks off the album turned into some pretty deep music videos.


I discovered an old 3 piece band called Budgie just recently. These heavy repetitive riffs are just so catchy. Stays in my head all day.


woah this is cool! it’s like a vintage Atomic Bitchwax

this is the best riffing I’ve ever heard. just so groovy

and speaking of catchy stuff


Found this street Musician while in Atlanta, Georgia while on a work trip. I don’t have video but this guy channeled Jimi and was awesome. Gotta respect street musicians.


Love Jimi!

By Moi :slight_smile:
Heard Nine Inch Nails’ new song, huge fan of them these years but not liking this one :frowning:


Finally, after years I’m watching U2 concert in Rome


I really like this song because it channels a time before my birth and I think it goes well with the message.

Stay woke.

I knew i was hooked when the chorus rang in my head as inspiration. Especially in these days. Gotta give props to Gambino i didnt really like him until i saw his diversity as an artist.

Childish Gambino-‘Red bone’


I really like this song of his but I’m not certain of why I liked it too much.


I’ve been revisiting an incredible Grindcore band called Nasum - One of the true heavyweights of the genre. They sadly split after the vocalist/guitarist/main songwriter died in the 2004 tsunami in Thailand while he was on holiday there. Very tragic - They grind like few others.