Music Thread







Been listening to this band lately,I like their style


Bandcamp are donating 100% of their profits to the Transgender Law Center on Friday. Go buy some stuff from there, post recommendations, etc.


when the weed kicks in…

This is heavenly.


Ride The Wild Haze


I feel like submitting this as my suggestion for the new U.S. national anthem. What do you guys think?


Anyone remember that really great Swedish band called Burst? Should have been a lot more well known than they were. Amazing, ahem… Burst of progressive post metal. Their album Origo is 12 years old this year and still sounds fresh and current.


This is :fire: dayyum


Aaaaah yiss! New qotsa album dropped today. Shake those hips like there’s no tomorrow


Since Converge put on one of the best shows i’ve ever seen I’ve been listening to them pretty extensively. Their newest song from their upcoming album is seriously harsh, full off riffs and generally fucking awesome.

Check out the noiz.


this. this I liked within 2 seconds. good grit


I want that bass tone


I need this exact setup in my possession


I can’t get enough of this cover ¯w¯




OMG I love them! And, her death was soooooo sad and tragic :cry: