Music Thread




lol ok


Don’t you agree mate? @Pissfloyd agreed


Why are you apparently Pissfloyd’s spokesman all of a sudden


Why not? He said himself that he could use some help.


He needs your help like La Dispute sound like Metallica m8




One day I shall play this


I just started playing piano, learned the C,D and E keys.


Was trying to find the official Wrigley Field one from the new documentary but doesn’t seem to be uploaded yet, so I’ll post a classic instead -One of those songs where I’ve always preferred the live version to the album track…

And of course Victoria’s original with a bit of Lou…

Some Monday evening chill…





Melt Banana live session on John Peel’s radio show in 1999. Basically the best thing ever.



I like your music m8


Feeling a bit worse for wear after last night’s festivities, so thought I’d put the morning to good use by blasting through a bunch of old Rap-a-lot albums.

These guys were ahead of the curve in terms of connecting the dots between psychopathic behaviour and hyper-capital. That, or they were just bumpkin blunt and very violent. :laughing:

Rick Rubin did a lovely job tidying up the album this is from (although the original is great too).

And this posse cut is bonkers.


Enjoy! More to come soon.

@Ed_ll3 I was just bumping “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” a few days ago! Probably my favorite joint by them. And it’s great to see Rick Rubin still works his magic. Love the tracks he did on Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”.


It’s amazing how many pivotal records Rubin’s produced across different genres. I was listening to a lot of the early Def Jam stuff when first getting into music properly as a kid, so he’s been a fairly big influence over the years. Don’t know if it’s of interest, but there’s a channel on YT that put up a series of interviews a while back called ‘Magnum Opus’ iirc. They’re artist-based and Rubin features on a few like the one with LL.

Yeah, ‘Mind Playing Tricks’ is a classic. Have you seen the video for it? Bushwick Bill is a force of nature. :laughing: Digging around for the sample on that record first got me into Isaac Hayes properly too. The soundtrack it’s from is great.

Bit of a tangent but fug it…

Nas over Ike’s Mood speeded up:

And another short Nas joint that was only ever on white label afaik: