Music Thread


From the master Jesper Kyd


Been a while since heard those joints from Nas so thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: Speaking of him…

But of course. :grin:


Slowing it down a bit.

And top it off with some evil shit. :smiling_imp:


Great live performance of a lesser known NIN song.

Fun fact - I purchased this DVD in 2004 using vouchers that I won for writing a “letter of the week” article in a music magazine.


That is fun


Even funner fact - The letter I wrote was in response to a negative review that the magazine gave my band a few weeks before. They said we were dirgy and depressing and called us “mono paced faux stoic painbearing by numbers”. So I wrote a letter saying one person in the band was a professional clown and the other was a buddhist monk, therefore we couldn’t possibly be depressing. Then they gave me a £20 HMV Voucher.

So, I win I guess. In the most minor way possible.


That is even funner.

Ps. you just got a new nickname; mono paced faux stoic painbearing by numbers


Sounds almost like they wanted to give you “hush money”. :smile: Cool story though.


Love AATCHB, it also contains my favourite version of The Day the World Went Away.



Two Songs of Mötley Crüe a day keeps the 80’s alive



Classic tuuuune…

Some random guy… seems mildly talented, could probably carve himself out a nice little career as a backing singer or session musician…




Just bought my tickets to see his memorabilia exhibition at the O2 next month…


QUICKSAND have a new album out. The last time they released any music was 1995. 22 years later, we get a new record - And it’s a natural continuation from where they left off. A little less angry, but they’ve mellowed with age a bit. Which is fine by me. Still some RAWK here.


One of the most important, but sadly underrated bands in British music history.


Just came back from a qotsa show. Fucking best concert Ive been to in my life!


Okay, I know I keep posting old stuff in here, (hey man, wait 'till you get to my old ass nostalgic age, you’ll be the same lol)

But one last one for now, I promise! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is currently on some Christmas TV ad and Alison Moyet is one of the great female vocalists in pop and this is one of the great '80s tunes…


Finding comfort in Cornell’s voice…