Music Thread



First heard this on the Luke Cage show. Had to have it.

Heard this on Suicide Squad, one of the few things I liked from the movie.




Club tracks are where it’s at. :slight_smile:


Hey! Screw you man!

This boy got the spirit in him I tell ya…


I’ve been listening to Beethoven non - stop. Heavy Metal before the invention of electricity. His music is so much more every time you listen to it. Fav symphonies has to be his 5th and 9th. Also I often listen to Moonlight Sonata for hours on end.


Really amazing live performance from Cult of Luna. Their entire live DVD is on Youtube now. It’s a full concert, so bookmark this and watch it sometime on an evening when you have nothing else to do. Well worth it.


My all-time favorite music video


I liked the video. I do not really know what to make of a claim that it is your all time favorite video given that the video is barely two years old… other than you and I guess every one of us can really appreciate the message. Doesn’t really strike me that hard tho.

Thank you for sharing!


I love the old Bond films, I like the song, and I like story of the video!

Not much else to say! I’m glad you liked it!



Good shout on Alison Moyet. Vince Clarke too. :heart:

What’s the deal with the Prince exhibition? We saw him at the O2 about ten years ago. Wasn’t expecting much at all with the size of the venue and seats in the gods, but the whole show was electrifying. It was amazing to see someone that small fill such a large space and bring it to life. Albeit later in his career, I’m still very appreciative to have got to see him live once at least.


Vince Clarke =Genius, Midas touch on all he did, from DP to Yazoo to Erasure :sunglasses:

That’s so cool man, never got to see him myself -was always on my bucket list but of course, never expected him to go this early :frowning_face:
The exhibition is a bunch of memorabilia from his career, guitars, OG handwritten song lyrics, clothing, accessories etc. -on 'till Jan, tickets are £27.50

…gonna try and see the Elvis one sometime too.



Just finished Season 5… started to watch the intro to ep1-S6 and realized the first film was in-between, so watched that last night too -forgot what an awesome soundtrack it has… Foos, Björk, Filter, The Cure, Noel Gallagher…

And of course this, so cool! -If you can “filter” out the theme, you could almost imagine it as a Jesper Kyd composition from C47…

Season 6 tonight! :slightly_smiling_face:



If there’s still tickets available I might try and arrange a trip up there once the school holidays have started, and tie it in with a bit of Chrimbo shopping.

The Mode I’ve never seen, and would love a chance to catch them live at some point. It sounds better on the album to me, but this is a beaut:

The whole of the Rose Bowl on the chorus at the end. :smile:


More Beethoven play the video at around 4.10 and turn your speakers up. I’m sure 47 would be a Beethoven fan. :smiley:



I can’t get this song out of my head. That riff just plays over and over.