Music Thread


I think Post Malone is great, and I’m looking forward to that next album.


BOI,get that crap outta here,we know the only true trapper here is mah boi Nick Crompton
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Cancerous Memes aside,I love Post Malone and 21 Savage. I don’t know,they are 2 out of the 3 trappers I actually can listen to and enjoy!


21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Offset’s new album Warning is awesome.


Amerikkka’s most wanted is the bomb album oh and Revival released today :smiley: Check out the song offended :smiley:


No offence to you or anyone, I personally never got the appeal of 21 Savage, but even objectively he’s a terrible rapper. That’s not because of his image or whatever, his flow, lyrics and delivery is just stale and boring, with hardly any energy. Even personality and image-wise he doesn’t really bring anything interesting to the table. I have a hard time understanding how he blew up and I genuinely tried to get into his stuff.

There’s way better trap rappers who are leagues better, just less popular. Freddie Gibbs for example kills any kind of production from trap, oldschool, experimental. Shit I even heard him on some rock and blues tracks.

I’ve been enjoying Da$h and Aston Matthews lately the most. They just dropped a feature as well together.


2 of the UK’s finest…


Rap is not always hardcore delivery or even fast paced rhyming. It can be multiple things. For example Lil Wayne is veeery slow paced. 21 Savage,in this case,has his own style which is a newer one,with slow paced rhyming and delivery,we haven’t seen a lot of people do this. Shouldn’t compare him to Gibbs or Da$h. Their style is powerful deliveries of lines. How can I say this without sounding like an angsty 14 year old…herrr…he has a…“chilled” style of rapping. To a lot of people his calm delivery of linee is exactly his selling point. Remember,there are no standards in rap. It’s essentially a style of making music that gives you almost complete freedom,so no rapper is objectively bad as long as he puts effort in his lyrics and starts perfecting his style. A rapper objectively bad to me is Lil Pump. Lil Pump with his repetitive beats and lyrics would probably turn me insane in 1 hour if I somehow managed to keep listening. Every fucking song he just repeats the same word for 2/3 minutes. It’s unbelievable.


This turns boys into grown men


I’ve been blasting that score on my way home from work for two weeks now lol. Makes the commute a little more exciting!


i just started working out with this beauty and man do i workout like crazy lol


get a BFG tattoo on your biceps! and be careful not to RIP AND TEAR the gym equipment!


Speaking of soundtracks, been bumping some from MK9.


here’s something i found lol

dunno why but i just think out ‘us’ as a species on this very small planet, fighting over puny issues about boundaries, wars, guns, racism, who’s better etc but when i listen to this track

i just drift away in space, everything is just there, being created and destroyed. We’re just here, soon to be forgotten passengers in time.


Discovered an awesome channel called I’m Cyborg but That’s Okay (named after the SK film), tons of beautiful videos set to cool songs.


Normally I don’t listen to this kind of Music, but every now and then I find some electronic music that I like. I will not shy away from that fact.


New album is so bad. There are maybe like 2 songs of eminem that I don’t like and I’ve been a fan of his both new and old stuff and Revival is the worst album he’s ever made.


I thought it was just me,I swear,it’s not even hating for the sake of hating,I actually WANT to like it,just like how I loved some of his latest songs (Kings Never Die,Phenomenal,Detroit Vs Everybody and such) but this album is just rubbing me the wrong way! I can’t put my finger on it,too,but it just doesn’t click! And it’s not even that I have changed my tastes and don’t like eminem now,cause I still can enjoy all of his old work,but Revival…eh…maybe I should try relistening to some of the songs but really,it misses the punch. Plus the feats are good ones,so I JUST DON’T GET WHY I DON’T LIKE IT! Or,at least,the songs I heard so far.


I think I have an idea what it is. Eminem has been rapping for about 15-20 years, doing what he does best. But after doing the same thing for that long, sometimes an artist will get a bit bored and want to experiment and try new things, often not turning out for the better and he’s not the first that this has happen to. Dr. Dre did an album called “Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath” which was meant to symbolize his transition from Gangsta Rap to…greater and better things I guess. It was trashed by fans.

Another such case is Redman when he put out “Redman Presents Reggie” which was a big departure from his usual style. That album was pretty much ignored. After listing to it I can say it certainly wasn’t his best effort. There’s also Busta Rhymes who IMO, tries too much to adjust his sound to modern day rap. I loved his work since “The Coming” all the way to “It Ain’t Safe No More”. Almost everything else since then has been just “meh” to me, but his latest joint “Return of the Dragon” seem to turn it around a bit. This is also true of Redman and Dre.

So I suspect Em is going through a similar phase. In which case I’ll likely be skipping “Revival”.


Nah I get what you mean, but I guess what I’m trying to say is if you apply those things, you could justify anyone or anything being “good on their own terms”. I think there’s not much standards set for rappers and as much as I don’t really like Pump either, he does have his sort of own style and effortless, dumb thing so I can see where his fans come from. His appeal is completely clear, or even with Peep, who’s music I absolutely loathed.
Post Malone is another good example at this, that I can’t stand his music, but his appeal and what he’s trying to represent in the industry is very clear.
It’s that personality and appeal that I’m not really getting from 21.

I guess a better comparison would’ve been Currensy, who’s a more chillout rapper


Well it’s understandable that you aren’t too into him,he’s not the most original rapper,but nonthenless I think he’s very enjoyable. Of course he is not my favourite rapper,I enjoy the old school way a lot more,but still,enjoyable. Yeah I didn’t get Peep as well,kinda fazes me the number of people suddenly praising him just because he died (because let’s be honest,a lot of them are doing it just for that reason).
I think it’s all with this new way of rapping that we have nowadays. Some rappers just click with us,some don’t. I also agree on Pump bringing something new,but that’s also part of why he annoys me so much. Do you have any idea how many kids started screaming “ESKEREEEEEEE” here in Italy ever since he debuted?Fuck,even people in their mid twenties,screaming ESKEEEREEE and flexing their clothes (I met this guy online who started FLEXING because he had a…GUCCI WALLET. A GUCCI WALLET). And by the way,I don’t see the hype with Gucci. It always seemed like more of a female line of clothing than male. And I do have some gucci clothes but I am not going on the street screaming about it like an asshole. But getting back on track,I also definitely see where Lil Pumps fans come from,I just hate that place man.
I think Savages personality is in his semplicity. He is just a chilled guy that came from nothing and now is here,and some people (not me,I’m just in it for the music) definitely like him for his “hood” background with all of that intimidation(“I got 12345678 shooters ready to gun you down”/“I have been hanging out with the Haitians”)and all of that fascination with that culture.