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What if Bonnie Tyler did power metal? It’d probably sound a bit like Battle Beast.


Yeh I am pretty proud of that burn tbh

To be honest man anytime someone criticises someone (regardless of who it is, but especially musicians and artists) of being an “SJW” i immediately become suspicious of their intentions. That says to me that the problem they have isn’t the WAY the message is phrased, the problem is the message itself. And I can’t really agree with that to be honest. So whatever. Socially conscious music owns.

On a related note I am putting together my album of the year list and will post that here soon


The problem is not with the message it’s that he could have done better. He is nearing the end of his career. He wants controversial or thoughtful ones he can easily do better like with Stan,Bad Guy and such. Not trying to say you shouldn’t like it,to each their own. Me personally,I expected a better album,hopefully down the road he shows us something reeeally good.
Album of the year?Wait as in your songs or your personal faves of the year?Well,I’ll be sure to listen to it either way!


Huh. Never thought of doing that. I will look forward to see yours.


Speaking about albums, I released this a few months ago. Nothing spectacular, just some instrumentals I liked the most from the past year or so.


(in my dumb opinion that nobody cares about but i’m posting it anyway)

In no particular order…



With this densely packed and savage masterpiece. Code Orange have perfected their weird brand of metallic hardcore. “Forever” is a loud, noisy and nauseating record, packed with scary melodies and a completely uncompromising vision. Signing to Roadrunner clearly did nothing to impede their forward thinking brutality, and if anything, they’ve become even more experimental. Riffs end abruptly just when they’re getting into a head-bobbingly badass groove. Hellish bursts of noise cut through moments of silence like a machete - And whilst the lyrical content can border on the cheesy, their utter conviction sells every word to you and ultimately proves to be the more important factor. With their live shows winning new fans everywhere they play and support stints all over the world with some of the biggest metal bands on the planet, I can’t wait to hear how this battle-hardened but ultimately still quite young band progresses in the coming years.

Listen to: Forever


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22 years after their genre defining sophomore effort Manic Compression, these seminal post hardcore pioneers have finally reformed and bashed out another classic record. It’s a natural continuation of where they left off, and whilst the quartet has mellowed with age, Interiors is still packed full of the angular riffs, thunderous drumming and impassioned vocals from frontman Walter Schreifels that initially helped Quicksand to make their mark, Fun fact about Walter - He’s released 3 albums with 3 bands over the last 12 months, but this is probably the best. A definite reminder as to why he is one of my musical heroes.

Listen to: Warm and Low



Imagine if The Appleseed Cast got into a fist fight with Moving Mountains and the members left standing had to write an album of 4 minute indie pop songs - and you’ve got a rough idea of how this New Jersey band sound on their new record. Run is a more stripped down effort for the band, having previously gone to town on the production aspect of their previous album, Kingfisher. The more modest and natural sounding production allows the quality of the songwriting to come to the fore - And there is a lot to say about the songwriting. These are the best songs the band have ever written. They’re less instantly appealing than some of their older material, but after a few listens, they become intoxicating. Rhythmically challenging yet unashamedly melodic.

Listen to: North Lynx



When I first heard Soen in 2012, it was because someone disparagingly referred to them as “Toolpeth” due to the vocalist’s Maynard esque croon combined with the fact their drummer is former Opeth sticksman Martin Lopez. It was easy to draw lazy comparisons, but they’ve fully come into their own with their third record, developing a sound which is not only immediately identifiable but fully steps out of the long shadows of comparable bands. Recorded entirely on analogue equipment, the album has a noticeably warm production that captures the majestic nature of their songs. Rolling, metallic riffs glide seamlessly into eastern sounding motifs, making for an irresistible combination.

Listen to: Jinn


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Converge are one of the most decorated noisecore bands of all time, having pushed sonic boundaries since the early 90s - But such a status has never stopped them from doing whatever the fuck they want. Whether they’re thrashing over speedy hardcore punk riffs or wading through sludgy epics, they’ve been a mainstay of the extreme music scene. It’s a very cohesive album for Converge and in many ways feels like a “best of” collection, encompassing all of the things they’ve learned and develop from past albums and as such acting as a perfect entry point for anyone who is new to the band. “Reptillian” has one of the most devious metal riffs I’ve heard in years, and the band invokes their Aimless Arrow era with emotional hardcore stomps like A Single Tear. I was lucky enough to see their only UK show of 2017 and I can honestly say it is in the top 10 best gigs I have ever seen.

Listen to: Reptillian

Other honourable mentions go to the following. I love these albums as much as the above listed in many cases, but just can’t think of as much to say about them so they’re getting some shorter writeups.

Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy - Probably the only release this year that can meaningfully said to be heavier than Code Orange. An absolute ungodly racket and it’s fucking beautiful. And the cover art is amazing.

Dalek - Endangered Philosophies - My favourite Hip Hop album of the year. Socially conscious lyrics, dark, brooding instrumentals with an almost noiserock/shoegaze quality make this an abstract work of art.

Minus The Bear - VOIDS - Singalong goodness from these angular pop legends.

All Them Witches - Sleeping Through The War - Psychedelic space rock with a southern drawl

IDLES - Brutalism - Angry post-punk band from my hometown who deserve a shoutout for striking it big this year. They opened for the Foo Fighters, sold out shows all over the world and dropped this belter of a record too.

**Behind the Shadow Drops - Harmonic - Taka from the band MONO goes solo and creates a mooody, electronic led score to an imaginary film that only seems to exist in his own head - The guy is a visually inspired composer and that’s very apparent here


My favourite album to come out this year was St Vincent’s Masseduction. Been a fan of Annie’s work for years now, I’ve been addicted to this album since it came out this last friday the 13th.

Here’s Annie performing the entire album live, most of the music is pre-recorded except for vocals and guitar. My favourite tracks are Hang on Me, Young Lover, Slow Disco and Smoking Section.


Been diggin’ that Prawn album for the past couple of months myself -after you put me onto it a while back (this thread of course) Tried checking out Code Orange also but waaay too hard for me (I’m such a wuss lol) love the visuals though!
I’ll get round to some of your honourable mentions when I get time… I’ll post some of my faves in the next few days when I’m off work.


Haha there’s a lot of heavy albums on there! Glad you like the Prawn album though. Got to see them play live this summer, they hung out after the show too and were really nice guys. There’s probably loads of other albums I could have added too but I didn’t think anyone was going to keep reading!





More from I’m cyborg but that’s okay’s channel


This has been my favorite song of all time. I’m still trying to find a decent vinyl for the album.


Another from cyborg, I like the music video probably more than the song itself.


@Nazareth @Lazlow man, when i first heard this album, this was my exact reaction, especially the track ‘A Tale of 2 Cities’


I haven’t heard of J Cole before now but that being said, I’m liking A Tale of 2 Cities. I’ll have to check out what else he has.


@Quinn inspired me, so figured I’d post some of my fave albums of 2017 …

The Allergies -Push On

Soul, jazz & funk, retro inspired beats & breaks all the way from Bristol. Back again is Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper to dish up a healthy plate of old skool rap spaghetti. Perfect listening to get you pumped up before a night out at the local Discotheque.

8/10 -Top Tracks: Love that I’m in - Since You Been Gone - Hold You Close

Omar -Love in Beats

The UK Soulfather returns with an eclectic mix of guest artists peppered throughout. Feature vocals include the late soul legend Leon Ware (RIP) Natasha Watts, Floacist, and Rapper Ty (of “Upwards” fame) combined with backing instrumentals by the likes of former Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender together with US jazz maestro Maurice Brown. Primarily funky soul beats with the odd touch of calypso, latin, reggae & scratching all mixed in by Omar’s little bro Scratch Professor, it’s a warm, mellow and uplifting record that’s sure to soothe the soul.

8/10 -Top Tracks: Vicky’s Tune - De Ja Vu - Hold me closer

Hanni El Khatib -Savage Times

A series of EPs stitched together to form one long Frankenstein’s monster of an album, the result is a raw chaotic mix of 19 songs that shouldn’t really gel together, but somehow they do. Autobiographical, energetic, shouty punk dittys blended with electronica blues-y rock guitar anthems.

8.5/10 -Top Tracks: Paralyzed - Gun Clap Hero - Savage Times

Band of Rascals -Tempest

Short but oh so fucking sweet, the 7 tracks from these Canadian rockers will leave you wanting more. Lead singer Sam Trainor has an incredibly versatile voice that powers the tracks forwards accompanied by the corresponding rhythmic chants from the boys behind.
Stormy, Southern-esque string bending blues rock that most “young” bands rarely master to this level.

8.7/10 -Top Tracks: Holler - Seas Coming Down - Reaction -Control

Jonny Lang -Signs

The kid is back!
Let me premise by saying that a Jonny Lang album is never going to give you raw, socially conscious shit, the lead song is about as close as he ever gets and it’s quite a generic ramble about the sate of affairs in general… “Signs” isn’t exactly “Sign O’ the Times”, but don’t let that discourage you, what Jonny lacks in “edgy” he makes up for with soul, heart and charm in abundance. Still present are the softer R&B and acoustic elements of his past couple albums, but they’re complimented and intertwined with heavy blues rock riffs that hark back to the promise of his early career. It’s a slow-burner, with quality, layered production that requires several listens to truly appreciate.
Arguably one of the best, if not the best voices in modern blues rock and without question, one of the best guitarists of his generation (my vinyl even quotes this on the sticker so it must be true lol)


8.7/10 -Top Tracks: Signs - Snakes - Singing Songs


Courtney Pine -Black Notes from the Deep: The Jazz Warriors Sax legend returns with a mix of original songs and classic jazz covers, additional vocals by the aforementioned soul king Omar.

Eric Gales -Middle of the road: One of the best contemporary blues rock artists around, features some of the “other” best around such as Gary Clark Jr and child prodigy Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram.

Broken Witt Rebels -Broken Witt Rebels: Like Hanni above, this album is a culmination of their earlier EPs finally put together for their debut full length. Strains of Rival Sons and Kings of Leon shine through, but make no mistake, these lads are no imitators, or wannabes, they’re the real deal Holyfield -stomping, hard blues rock n’ roll straight outta Birmingham (UK).

Foo Fighters -Concrete and Gold: Nothing really needs to be said here, one of the greatest fucking bands of their generation -period!… doing what they do best… which is being the fucking Foo Fighters of course!


Great choice of song and band sir!

Court of the Crimson King & Starless and Bible Black are the usual go to’s, but the Red album is a classic no doubt.


Didn’t listen to Savage Times yet but what a great record Moonlight was. Dude should be way bigger than he is. Also, i’m kicking myself for not including these albums in my Best of 2017 list so now I am making up for it.

Propagandhi - Victory Lap

Mutoid Man - War Moans

Boris - Dear


I fully expected you to like this band lol.


They’re fucking great. Awesome technical riffs, punk rock mentality and full blown Ess Jay Doubleyous. Right up my street!