Music Thread


In the Court of the Crimson King is classic no doubt. I still remember my first reaction to the title song 5 years ago. And I also picked up the Vinyl when KC came to Toronto this summer so that was nice.

Starless and Bible Black is great as well, I just always preferred the production and composition of which makes it more superior then SaBB IMO. But regardless I always found Fripp, Buford and Wetton Trilogy to be the peak of KC’s years for sure.

But this will never get old. RIP John Wetton


Happy New Year. What a lovely surprise to start.


I like this.


Today I learned that Yasunori Takada, the drummer for the band MONO, departed the group back in December.

MONO are a band that mean more to me than I can adequately put into words. I’ve seen them perform 13 times since 2005 and each time I’ve been profoundly moved by their music, passion and energy - often to the point of tears. Since the band formed in 1999 they’ve consistently had the same 4 members, so I’m really gutted by this news. The only reason given for his departure was “personal reasons” - So I really hope everything is okay. Takada is an incredible drummer and such a warm, delightful person to be around.

I hope MONO can continue to write and perform with a new drummer, but it won’t be the same. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the realization that I will never have another chance to experience the collective passion of these 4 people is very sad.

Here they are performing one of their best pieces of music with an Orchestra…


The Shape of Water is a great film


i’m in love with synthwave :blush:


Classic Priest sound, and great name for the new album. I approve! :grinning:


Sometimes an album just pops into your mind after not having heard it for decade


That album is fucking transcendental


Playing these old joints on the ride home from work was refreshing as hell.


This guy’s my new hero. I love his awkwardness and nervous energy. Reminds me of me a little bit, hue.


Sounds like goo goo dolls to me.


I see what you mean but they’re a bit middle of the road comparatively
speaking. This sounds more like a punk rock Bruce Springsteen.


I’m not into jazz but this is just pure amazement :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve been mesmerised watching that solo many times myself, great stuff!

“I’m Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle”



I was trying to find this song for ages, it might sound repetitive but the tune is just godly

Unregistered hypercam + No mic + Notepad + Broken english tutorial =



Just got back into The Sounds. A Swedish band with a sort retro “Blondie” sound, at least in part.

When they were new I was kind of annoyed at lead vocalist Maja’s rather noticable Swedish accent, but now I feel like its part of their charm.

I love 'em


I am in love :heart:


She could beat my skin if you get my drift.