Music Thread



I laughed out loud at 6:50 when the drummer did that double cymbal hit. Classy as fuck.


Man I need to buy Ruiner.


The game is nice, good mechanics but check this:

im hyped the fuck up for this game,

here’s the song :wink:


How in hell I did not hear of this game? It looks amazing, and the song is hypnotizing! I love both of these. Gonna have to keep this game on my radar. Thanks Nel.


Every rock band/artist worth their salt has covered this, but this is easily my favourite version, beautiful and haunting…


bringing real hip hop back



@Pissfloyd this some good crossover thrash boi



Its hard for me to decide who’s version of that song I like better - his or Nina Simone’s.


What’s crazy is that Screamin’ Jay’s version didn’t even make the charts, they banned it from radio coz it was deemed too offensive, 1950s America couldn’t handle a black man “raising” his voice and “screaming” about sexual spells and shit… smh.


Not really a surprise. Just one black singer was damn near too much to handle back then.


Proper Thrash


dear god, please help me :open_mouth: :heart:


Feeling nostalgic at the moment.


Janet Jackson “If” remix by Kaytranada


My 2nd fave MTV Unplugged of all time…

(you could probably hazard a guess at my 1st -clue: another Seattle based Grunge band from the '90s lol)


Such a great performance. Jeremy sounds phenomenal here.

Willing to bet the first is Alice in Chains (Yes I know Nirvana did a good session but Layne Staley was perfect in the AiC one)


No, it is Nirvana lol, AiC is up there of course though :wink: