Music Thread


Three bands, all from Seattle, all from the same era and all considered “Grunge” - Yet all three sound conpletely distinct from one another and unique. Genres sure are weird!


Soundgarden too! Still miss Chris’ vocals RIP.


Yikes, 3 dead frontmen from those 4 bands too.

RIP Kurt, Chris and Layne. Trailblazers, all of them.


Yeah, must be something in the Seattle water… Great music (Jimi too of course) …lot of early deaths :disappointed:



First album of 2018 to really tug on my heartstrings.


Did anyone ever hear this? Smells like teen spirit re-tuned in major. Kurt would have definitely loved this.


I Had heard this a few weeks ago on the radio. At first thought it was pretty good probably because it’s different but without the grit of the original it’s too “happy” and pop sounding for me.


Sounds repulsive, Kurt would maybe have enjoyed the “kookiness” of it, but it’s still awful… sounds like Sum 41 with vocals from Sting :nauseated_face:


I can appreciate how it tries to re-envision what the original song was by giving it a different tune and a different mood,but I don’t like it,it just feels odd is all


Another lovely surprise today. A Perfect Circle’s new album is out April 20th and they dropped another gorgeous song from it today.

First album in 14 years. Damn.



Straight from the Heart…


When you compare it to the original, sure, it doesn’t compare, but this is the exact type of music Kurt always wrote. It even goes back to the incecticide album with songs like ‘been a son’ and ‘molly’s lips’. And unofficial unreleased songs like ‘sappy’. And there’s more.

You guys must have never really been into nirvana because if the original was never released the way it did, I still would call this version a 100% nirvana song.
Wouldn’t you?


But it isn’t the original, and that’s the point. It’s someone else’s re-imagining using a different key and slowed down vocals and to most of us it sounds off coz we’re all so accustomed to the og. IF this had been the version that released on Nevermind, then yeah, more than likely this’d be the version we’d all have been loving for the past 25+ years… but it wasn’t, so it’s just hypothetical to say it’s a 100% Nirvana song that they’d have actually recorded.
Also, nobody definitively knows what Kurt would have thought about it, so it’s a bit pointless to put his seal of approval on it as if that gives it more credence.

Don’t take it to heart if other people don’t like it, it’s just opinions bro, you’re just the messenger who posted the vid, no shots fired at you.


Well I wouldn’t say that is the point. I would say “does it pass off as a nirvana song”? And my answer is yes. Usually when ppl redo a song, it takes away from the style or something that it actually makes the song not sound like something the artist would actually do. But this version does. It still stays true to a nirvana song/style.

Ah no, dude. No offence taken. I wasn’t saying if you like nirvana then you have to like this song. If you don’t then you don’t. But I’m saying this version still comes off as a nirvana song, regardless of the original.

So don’t worry about me. Me cool. Me cool. :grin:


Yeah, but that’s because in all essence it is still the original song, it’s not a cover by another band infusing it with their own style, it’s not even a true remix with cuts, it’s literally just the original with a different key & vocal speed.

But it’s cool, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. It’s all love man,

*And just for the record, Nirvana are my second fave band of all time, I’ve been really into them for like the past 27 or so years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is there to disagree on? I’m not making an argument. I’m saying the song still sounds like a nirvana song, regardless of the original, not whether one likes the song or not, because that’s just preference which isn’t debatable. So are you saying that it doesn’t sound like a nirvana song? And I mean in a way that Kurt wouldnt actually write it. Because if you did the same to like a Metallica song or tool song, it wouldn’t work. That’s what I’m talking about. Not having an entire new band do it all over again. I guess I just said that wrong. When I said “ppl”, I meant the mixer, not a new artist.

Yup me too. Still have the ticket stub from their last concert in my city.


I’m saying it’s pointless to argue whether Kurt would have loved it or not, if it’s something he’d have written, or if it still sounds like them. The facts are that it isn’t an original Nirvana song and it doesn’t sound the way they wanted it to sound. So saying anything else such as it’s 100% a Nirvana song and it still sounds like them is just fan speculation and opinion. If you think it still sounds like them then more power to you, I don’t and I don’t really care enough to worry about it.


You sound like someone who “listens” to a band and also has them as one of their favourites but doesn’t really know the true background of the band. If you were a true nirvana fan, and I mean someone who is really in depth of knowledge of them as a band and not just for their (released) music, you would know that the “original” version of smells like teen spirit wasn’t the vocal melody that Kurt wrote. Butch Vig actually altered it for Kurt to sound the way it was released so your assessment of how nirvana “would” write a song is off basis.

That’s why I can say it does sound like a true nirvana song as I have followed them in real depth to much more than just their music. And if you say you are the same, then I guess you can easily tell me who Kurt idolized and wanted to be like, right? I also can say this because I know all their unreleased songs and songs that sound a lot like this., especially a song like ‘Sappy’.

Then there’s the fact that I’m also a musician and nirvana was all I played growing up so I know their music pretty good. Now I’m not saying I know them more than you, but I am saying maybe you don’t know them as well as you think if you believe this doesn’t sound like a nirvana song, especially what Kurt said he wanted to do out of his next album after in utero, which you could also tell me if you really knew nirvana, right?
And I’m not saying I know the most about them because of all this but the other 2 ppl I know that know them like I do said the exact same thing I did.

So of course it’s all “fan guessing”, but these guesses go off of facts/information, they aren’t just blind assumptions.

Btw, here’s the original vocal melody of teen spirit before it was changed by Butch and in fact quite a few parts of other songs were altered by Butch so they could sound more “radio-friendly”.