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Dude, I can assure you I know their entire discography intimately, their background, their influences and their musical aspirations just as well as you. I find it pretty insulting that you’d just assume otherwise based off the facts that I stated, this isn’t a dick measuring contest to see who’s the biggest fan. Do you really think I’ve just spent the past 27 years casually listening to the studio versions of Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero a couple of times here and there? Lol.

I know it’s not the original melody, but don’t forget they changed it in the studio, Butch changed it at the band’s request because they wanted it to sound heavier and more powerful… this is why I said your posted version doesn’t sound the way they wanted it to… you do know that Smells like Teen Spirit is the only track on Nevermind that they are all credited with writing? It wasn’t just Kurt’s baby. I’m not saying Kurt wasn’t comfortable with doing softer, more pop-punk sounding stuff, we both know he liked the contrast between soft and loud and that he wanted to sound like the Pixies, Vaselines etc. -but this is the basis of your point… because it’s less distorted and softer it sounds like one of their softer songs, again, that’s just your opinion. Putting out your love and knowledge of the band as if it’s an argument from authority doesn’t make it any more valid… it’s irrelevant whether it sounds like something they could conceivably release. That’s why I said to agree to disagree.

Again, if you think it sounds like them then so be it, like I said, I don’t really care enough to worry about it… not that I don’t care enough about Nirvana, but I don’t care enough about someone else’s posthumous re-imagining of a song that they themselves never put out. If it isn’t something they put out in their time as an expression of their art, then it becomes a moot point whether they would have produced it that way or if it does or doesn’t sound like them.


Uhh you forgot incesticide. lol.
But Casually? No. In depth? Yes. because you sound like every other fan who just is a fan (to whatever degree) based on the music and obvious released material.

If you actually knew what Kurt was all about, it’s EASY to say this would be a nirvana song because he already wrote plenty of them that sound with the same style, hence Sappy, Spank Thru, Molly’s Lips, Been A Son, Here She Comes Now, Ain’t It A Shame, Do Re Mi., just to make a few, plus what he has said in interviews about styles he loves and would love to make more of and what he wants to do with a future album after in utero.

And plus, you CAN tell what a band would put out if you really knew them “in Depth”.

I just think you’re comparing it to the original and saying “that’s not how Kurt would sing”, when in fact he has many of times with the songs named above.

So ya, I do believe you don’t know enough. But that’s just my belief. Means nothing really. I’ll just leave this as my last reply to you. :grin:


You forgot Jordan.


Uhh Incesticide wasn’t a studio album… lol

Again, don’t presume to know what I do or don’t know or how “in depth” a fan you think I am based on your own opinion, it’s fucking insulting dude… I could say the same about you -you’re coming across as someone who’s read and watched a few interviews/documentaries, listened to the B-sides/demos and now think you’re like the band’s official biographer or some shit… unless you were secretly best friends with Kurt or have exclusive access to demo tapes/interviews etc. that have never been made public, then you have absolutely no more in depth knowledge or insight about the band or Kurt than anyone else -the same material that’s available to you is available to me and yes, I can assure you I have read, watched and listened to ALL of the same shit you have.

Again, I know what Kurt was “about” just as much as you or anyone else, you’re just speculating, how do you not see that I have no interest in speculating the same opinion as you? Like I said before, if Kurt had wanted that version to be a Nirvana song then I speculate that he’d have made it that way… the fact that he didn’t means it’s pointless arguing over it when the guy’s been dead for nearly quarter of a Century!

No you can’t.
It doesn’t matter how in depth your knowledge is, unless you’re an insider, you can only speculate… even if it’s an educated guess based on a wealth of past information, it’s still speculative. Nirvana weren’t a one dimensional band, sometimes they played slower and quieter, sometimes they played faster and louder, I’m sure we both appreciate the full range of all their songs, but stop trying to ram this one down my throat and make me appreciate it as if it’s some fully realised vision of Kurt’s art when it isn’t.

Well, I’m not. Trust me I have enough musical knowledge to see past the Gordon Sumner-esque vocal distort. I just don’t share the same enthusiasm for it as you and I’m simply not bothered about speculating on art that isn’t the originator’s own -end of.

Thank fuck for that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Peace and love y’all. Let’s all chill and listen to some tunes :slight_smile:


It’s always peace and love :yum:



These are the tracks I am getting high to these days.

I really love the visuals on ‘All the stars’ Amazing use of color and wardrobe. I can’t even name all the scenes I liked as far as style, from the dude riding a wave of hands on a boat-that jacket was sick. To the very next scene with the woman being used as a temple or some kinda school with the kids in red igbo hats. SZA dancing around the stars and the women dressed in gold in the golden room. I like the final scene too made the women look like Egyptian Goddess statues. Very cool stuff

‘Skywalker’ just has a mellow melody with a catchy hook the vocals are chill just hearing the song makes me wanna get high.

the albino lady lookin kinda cute tho



I am trying to learn spanish (way too early for anyone to test me), so yesterday I decided to look up some spanish music (and use youtube videos with lyrics in my studies).
This led me to the symphonic power metal band Opera Magna.

Their album “Poe” is really god damned good.

“El Corazón Delator” (The Tell-Tale Heart)


You should listen to Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony.




Damn this was a great band





I think this is Drake’s best song, honestly.


The video puts a smile on my face. Hope i can do something like this to folks in need :smiley:


Just finished watching ‘Kimi no na wa’ or ‘Your name’. It’s a phenomenal Japanese anime movie and i would highly recommend watching it to everyone :smiley: here’s the soundtrack, even though i don’t understand a word of Japanese, its really nice and heartwarming :blush:

Movie link is here:


Town Portal are cool as shit. 3 piece instrumental band from Copenhagen.