Music Thread


I wish I liked the new Metallica album more…seems like they put a lot of effort into it. But the songs are just so… average.


making some AI improvements and listening to the BADDEST track on The Chronic. HEADBANGING INTENSIFIES


Just heard a new Judas Priest tune. They got a new album coming out. Holy shit! It was good. Lightning Strikes was the one I heard. Halford still got it!


This is legit one of my favourite songs ever.


where de GOPNIK BOIZ AT?



This is a great song, have been listening to it so much recently.


Gulfer are Pretty Good



Found in @mungadungalis stream. Interesting text.




Thanks to Last Podcast, I associate this song with Dean Corll whenever I hear it lol.

And because why not, here’s what I put on right after I was done listening to that.


He’s coming to Denmark on the farewell tour. Hope I can score a ticket!


Really liking the new CHRVCHES song ‘Get Out’. A club banger


Circa Survive put out a record last year and I totally missed it. Its good.




Ol’ Dirty Bastard is a horrible singer, but he does it with such flare that I love it. One of those who sound so bad that it’s good.


I found it by accident last night, sounds really good.


Viktor Tsoi was a really great musician. Shame really about him dying. It was too soon.