Music Thread


Sorry about the multiple posts, but this one was simply too good to pass up.



Found this guy called Leo Moracchioli on youtube who does metal covers of songs. Here’s a few below which I enjoyed.

Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)

Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye cover)

and of course…

Africa (Toto cover)


I’ve been listening to that Feel Good Inc. cover as well, it’s a pretty fun one.


Everyone should listen to more Hardbass.



Would my every prayer begin and end with just your name
And would I be sure that this is love beyond compare?


Classic tune right there.


This is the best song ever right here


One of my all time favorite classics. This joint never gets tried.


I fucking love Raekwon.


Killassic :blush:



“It finally happened, I’m slightly mad.”


ohhh this is good

the most funkiest beat ever


I feel kind of like this right now.


Slip my hand from your hand, leave you dancing with a ghost
Don’t it beat a slow dance to death?


gaddamn, check this out guys


Kendrick Lamar is so good.


Lol I’ve just been listening to this guy’s old Mega Man remixes, so cool (no pun intended).