Music Thread


Perfect OST when the awkwardness strikes between you and your crush while walking on the sidewalk where both of you are thinking of a topic to talk about, the shyness, the feeling to hide your big ass smile when your crush starts speaking, the feeling of youth, the feeling to tell him/her how you feel, the feeling to kiss her/him.

Man, this track makes me a bit teary dunno why :upside_down_face:

ohh and here’s the latest track


A stampede to rush forward
Yet I’m in retreat
Far horizon greedily
Sucks in the keen
Descend down the scale
On drooping stumps
I’ve wished to shear
Come, the predatory to luckless
Spread-eagled, I am easy meat


1220 the new album of Yung Hurn, came out today. :black_heart:


“What’s with all this ‘daddy’ shit?”


Nice, I didn’t know their frontman was vegan. Never been too familiar with them, but I’ll def check out more of them now haha.

I’ve recently realized how many of my old favorite bands and songs actually are.


Hip hop Israel


Oh man Gorilla Biscuits are The Shit. Walter Schreifels is one of my musical heroes, I love pretty much every band he’s been in haha.



This song has me in a trance.




I know you’ve had a chance to catch this, @Nazareth



When I first saw it, I was pretty surprised but amazed he had the guts to do a video like that. Donald Glover continues to surprise me with all the talent he displays - comedy, music, dancing, his TV show “Atlanta”, and ect. No doubt this might be the most controversial thing he’s done and he’ll probably catch plenty of shit for it, but I applaud him.



Scandroid is a synthwave/retrowave project that I quite like. Right now I have the remix-album “Dreams of Monochrome” on repeat on Spotify.

The Michael Oakley remix of Afterglow is prolly my favorite.

I’m also partial to the Synthatiger remix of The Veil.



While listening to ‘The Class - Are We Stars’ I had a hankering to hear this song…

Hmm. :thinking:


New NIN album out June 22nd, Bad Witch.


The opening song is called Shit Mirror.

I repeat, Shit Mirror.


Not as good as “I Shit On You”.