Music Thread


To be honest, I’m not a big fan of his music but he’s a friend and co-worker of mine and I like to support him. I do like this video though. If you happen to enjoy it, maybe send him a like or post or subscribe. I don’t have a YouTube account myself and I’m not interested in getting one.


Ya’ll Chicago cats crack me up.
The dudes are extra-the women freaks, and ya’ll all got hustle.

I like the idea here, showing his grind at his jobs. I can’t stop laughing at the idea of a rapper being a security guard and just talking about his hustle. Mad respect.

I wanna know what dude could pull off with a crew and a real camera.

Showed some love.


Thanks for your feedback and support. He’ll really appreciate it. :v:


Cool song


A young red head woman from chicago i admire alot made me hip to this song.

She got really good old school taste.


Can’t wait to see La Dispute again this Summer. I didn’t fully appreciate then last time I watched them but they’ve since become one of my favourite bands. Nobody is doing what they are doing.



I think the humor of ‘Ørkenens Sønner’ is lost on most members in here and for obvious reasons :wink:



Dunn why but i love girls like her


Love me some Oathbreaker


Always loved this version, it matches my feelings right now.

Feelings of the night part 2


Classic, slim shady lp will always be Eminem’s best.


Man, Rock Bottom has to be the realest song he has ever written. The beat, the lyrics, the feeling of absolute desperation to give one final push before its all over, a phenomenal song and EP :heart:


Perhaps, although I think The Way I Am, Lose Yourself, Stan, and especially Cleanin’ Out My Closet are equally real.


Where’s my snare?


Unfortunately, music can’t always be a joyful experience. Sometimes you need to hear the shit that leaves you feeling…blue to say the least.


Talking about blue


I raise you


Sorry if this has been posted before, this is still one of Kendrick’s best songs.