Music Thread


Sorry if this has been posted before, this is still one of Kendrick’s best songs.


gaddamn, shit is LIT as fuck


Man, this song is so stupid that it’s funny. A one hit wonder but catchy as hell at the time, don’t know what made me dig this up. :yum:


Maybe you needed a bit silly song to cheer you up. Sometimes we need to feel a bit dorky.


Yeah, you might be right. From time to time I guess we should embrace our inner dorkiness.


Oh man, if you think that’s silly, listen to “Colt .45”. It’s by Afroman as well, and a lot of his songs are ridiculous.


True indeed but this is the only song of his I kind of like. Sort of a guilty pleasure for me, and it’s oddly refreshing to hear it again.


Shout out to Fall Out: New Vegas


The door bell rings…and the parents open the door and see a large angry man in green power armor standing in the moon light…

Nervous Parent: “Um who are you?”
DoomGuy: The Exorcist.

Youtube comments are hilarious

Jeeeesus fucking christ



Such a good song.

Whatever your thoughts on the Soviet Union, the Alexandrov Ensemble was very good.


I’m gonna always think of the Avengers ending whenever I hear “Another one Bites the Dust”. :smile:


They ruined it for me!


Just stumbled across this artist who sings in faroese, which I believe (along with icelandish) is one of the languages that’s the closest to old norse. I understand quite a bit of it since it’s closely related to Swedish, but it still sounds very exotic/beautiful to me.


“The music, beautiful beyond plight and time, filled the bright cage and room where the warders sat.

The Goldberg Variations interested him structurally. Here it came again, the bass progression from the saraband repeated, repeated.”



All this time I thought that was Rick James.



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there’s something so undeniably sexy about this song. The gorgeous lady, her voice, the music, the music video, the care-free-ness. So fucking sexy, ahhhhh :heart: