Music Thread


Just found this while digging for Oizo stuff for my playlist.


Stumbled upon these guys a while ago but took my time to listen to them properly only recently. I think they deserve much more recognition than they already have.



Write a book about what? WRITE A BOOK ABOUT WHAT?!



I’m digging what they did with the Dr. Dre beat!


lemme just uhhhhhh drop the last 4 GOOD albums here




This one’s a good one.


First time I heard Saian Supa Crew was on The World According To Rza album, Which is shamefully underrated IMO. But they’re still dope.


Good to know somebody else that’s heard them.


Yo good looks in bringing this back to my attention.

This song fucked me up when I first heard it.

I was smoking weed in the hood with my cousin hot boxing his car and listening to this song.

Fool ran it back to back talking about “Listen he is raping to the rhythm of a shovel hitting dirt. How fucking dope is that!”

Song had me shook, especially the ending. Augh man I don’t even know if I could do that to my most hated enemy. I’m a cream puff.

of course I was high as fuck picturing myself locked in a coffin like that and what I would do if I was in that situation, fucking almost started crying.


Listening to a lot of Me Against the World.


Was searching for a bit more than a week for this song of the credits from FC5’s DLC, Hours Of Darkness:


I really enjoy listening to this song, it seems to be a bit different to other things on the thread but give it a go!

I actually know the song, I haven’t even heard this anywhere else


G.O.A.T. Summer Anthem…


love this tune, we often blast it really loud at work. can’t resist the sax


I actually finished a beat the first time in about 3-4 months. Pretty happy that I feel like my creative block is over.

Hiphopheads might appreciate.



26th of June is birthday of Spec Ops: The Line.