Music Thread


The goggle headed cat’s game has a pretty relaxing soundtrack. I like how every track has a “timey” feeling with clock sounds.


You should listen to Dunkirk’s soundtrack. It has also got clocks in it but it’s very different.


I mainly liked this game’s score because of the ambience it helps to create with each stage. Actually makes you stop the game a bit and appreciate the scenary for the level.


Have a listen to this, the beat is really good as is the flow.


The art of storytelling…



A classic


Meh, I’ve never liked their version, sickly saccharin pop nonsense.

-UB40’s first 2 albums were brilliant -socially conscious and political songs about unemployment in Thatcher’s Britain, institutionalized racism and third world poverty/hunger -3rd album was good too, but then they became pop chart darlings… did crap like “Labour of Love” and lost that early “raw” sound that made them so good in the first place. I know I’m in the minority here and most people (only know) and love the UB40 version, but it’s too “sellout” for me.

My fave cover of Red red wine is Jimmy James’ one, just has a little more authentic soulfulness to it…

This is a masterpiece though…


Some Black Metal to help deal with this heatwave we’re having.


This is a team up I’ve been waiting to see for a while. Looking forward to when their album drops. Loving the cold, evil vibe.


Muggs is such an underrated producer, one of my faves. Top 5 of all time for me personally.

Pete Rock
Marley Marl
Diamond D

I know probably not everyone’s top 5, but just my preference.




Just picked up the new Yazmin Lacey EP on a 12"
Love this lady. Beautiful, velvety Neo-Soul vocals over hazy Jazz fusion beats… perfect soundtrack to the UK heatwave :sunglasses:


A View to a Kill isn’t a great Bond film, but it does have a great soundtrack from John Barry. I adore this bit especially.


How the fuck is this record 19 years old?




Been a little while since I heard some Dubstep.

An unrelated joint I’m also enjoying at the moment.