Music Thread


If this isn’t great, I don’t know what is


Black Star…


When I was young
Coach called me the tiger
I always had
A knack with the danger


I think I’ve just found my new favourite album.


I really wish it was longer

that’s what she said


Massive Tune


And you… you pinched my arm
Said look who’s lucky now?

Keep on smiling that’s the way
And remember what I say
Perfect happiness is just a state of mind


Holy Shit Myrkur


Had a de-clutter today, spent 2 hours clearing out some of my old CD singles for the charity shop. I never listen to these anymore, it’s mostly just old rap and R&B stuff (before the days of iTunes, Spotify Youtube) I used to like getting singles for the remixes/instrumentals. There’s some other stuff in there as well, Blur, Gorillaz… and some of my early '00s “guilty pleasure” Nu-metal phase; Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm etc.

Was fun going through them all though.


It’s PAYDAY, fellas.


dat luchini single. I dig it


Not exactly a creepy game or great soundtrack at all but this one from the part you encounter the child crusaders actually creeps me out.

Gives me a feeling of anxiety and complte desrepair.


I said it’s fuckin’ PAYDAY motherfu…


I like the band Paramore and I’ve been listening to a lot of their old songs, especially the one’s in the Riot! album like Misery Business, For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic and That’s What You Get

Their new songs aren’t great though, the only one I actually like is Hard Times and even that one is just barely decent

I’m probably going to be lurking around this thread a lot, music is my passion :slight_smile:


“I remember when we were young”


I know it’s a meme, but this mashup works really well.


I have a really weird taste in music, I’m not into music created by bands such as Metallica and My Chemical Romance, but I love Paramore’s music, which has the same 2000’s vibe to me as the other bands I mentioned.

Then I also don’t like artists such as Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, but I’m in love with Bebe Rexha’s songs right now.

Here are some songs by her I’ve been listening to recently:

(Yeah these are all songs from her new album that I would pay for but I have YouTube premium to save whatever songs I want :wink: )


love me some bebe. what makes you dislike katy and taylor? they’ve made some proper pop tunes.


I actually used to like both artists, believe it or not, but the fact that they completely changed their music and the genre of their music from something that was already great from the beginning really ruined the artists’ music for me :confused:

Taylor swift was a given, she made some of my most favourite songs when she used to make her old tunes like Love Story and You Belong With Me. Her last decent song was Wildest Dreams, and that was just a final “say goodbye to the old Taylor Swift”.

Same goes with Katy Perry. I loved her songs as well. I liked This Is How We Do, California Dreams, Wide Awake and so much more. But once again, with her most recent album, Witness, she’s changed a lot and the changes she’s made are ones I don’t really agree with

While at least 2 of the songs from Witness are half decent, comparing that whole album to just a single old song by her such as Roar and Dark Horse, with Roar at 2 and a half billion views, and Dark Horse just behind it at 2.3 billion views, it’s like comparing a fruit to a cheeseburger. They’re two completely different things, and while one seems to “taste better”, the other one is just better, whether you like it or don’t like it. (Okay maybe that was a terrible analogy)

I’m just saying that I prefer their old music than their new music and I really don’t like their styles in music now.


Just a friendly reminder, there will be no Tay Tay slander tolerated here!

T Swizzy is the G.O.A.T.

(Welcome to the thread :wink:)

Been listening to the new albums from SVVAMP & Seedy Jeezus for the past few days…

Sweet Jeezus! These riffs! (Standout tracks: 3 million light years & Barefoot travellin’ man)