Music Thread


AM 180 cover by Story One, a short-lived UK-based band that I used to love.


groovy stuff. I’ve been listening to dead meadow recently. really fitting tunes for summer.


Nice! Love how it kicks off at the 2min mark, will be checking them out for sure! :+1:


Ha they’re at the place we saw St Vitus next month. Might see if I can get the show


I’ve also been listening to a bit of Alessia Cara recently. She’s my inspiration and I really like her songs. She took a three year break from creating songs but she’s already made two songs in the last two months.

Some of the songs I’ve been listening to are Growing Pains, Wild Things, Here (2015 song whoop whoop), Outlaws and a few more from her old album. As a whole, I like pretty much every song from her.


I think it was Introvert that made a thread for “Original Music”; it’s in the creative corner


Here’s a link to the thread for personally made songs. And good luck with your album.


you damn lucky! I’d love to see them play


good music, good moustaches



Man I love the accordion.

And I love Finns.


Thanks, I’ll edit my own post to have just the bottom bit


How to be as cool as Tricot?


Some serious super lyrical shit to get lost in. I’m still haven’t fully dissected it all yet.



Best band to grace the earth ever… no arguments good night


Nope, Nickelback is. :smile:


Muse has come out with a new song called Something Human. It is really good check it out if you yearn for Something Human. You can find it anyywhere, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube. The music video is pretty dope. 10 points for the Blockbuster Easter egg.


Decent, agreed, but don’t come close to Oasis!