Music Thread


Unintended genius of the album cover is that when you look at track listing of the album there is this cover attached to each song, so it resembles some of Andy Warhol’s works. Oh, and the music is also great :new_moon_with_face:







I can never tell whether these type of videos are supposed to be tongue in cheek or if they’re being deadly serious.
Either way, this is the kind of music (in my imagination) that I’d like to think Sgg847 listens to whilst playing C47 dressed in his lycra yoga gear and wearing his sailor’s hat.


It’s mostly memes…






I’ve been listening to a lot of Eastside by Benny Blanco, Khalid and Halsey recently.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of LSD. I really like their songs.




Some people think that the clouds are the rain
And the sky keeps the clouds above
But I think that it’s love
Isn’t it love


Rosamund :heart:


Park hyo shin - Wildflower



Could someone explain The Breeders to me? Having listened to Pod I just can’t get why they get so much praise. To me, songs feel kinda plain and nowhere near Pixies. What is it I’m missing?