Music Thread


Used to dislike Metallica, now I actually like their music. Don’t know much of it though. I only know One and Fade to Black because my dad plays it all the time.


More classical music;
I really like Prelude in E Minor by Chopin. I also like his piece Fantasise Impromptu

(cover by Daniil Trifonov)


I recommend checking out the concert/album that they did with the San Francisco Symphony. It is amazing. This is my favorite song from that album.




I’m glad I discovered this.


That’s an incredible piece of kit he’s got there :open_mouth:


Yeah, the guy is an engineer and makes all of his own instruments. Pretty amazing stuff.


Holy shit


i t ’ s - o v e r - m a t e


Although I’m not over familiar with the individual members The Bad Seeds are a definitely a regular in my playlists.


For a Scot, I listen to very little traditional Scottish music. Here’s one of the few I know, it was written as a commercial song by a candy salesman in the 1800’s. Ironically, the recipe for the candy in question is lost, but this song lives on.


I don’t usually like Demi Lovato, but i really like her new song solo with Clean Bandits:


Truly the greatest song humanity has produced.


This Is The Police has such a fantastic soundtrack.

The games are good as well. Both in gameplay and story departments(funny to use that word since you, obviously, rule a police one in the game). It’s also pretty cool that the developers are from Belarus.


I do enjoy the soundtrack a lot, but I think the soundtrack for the first game was slightly better than the second one.



I agree,the soundtrack is amazing. And such a good game,too! So refreshing to be on the police’s side for a change. I said “I am the law” way too many times while playing this.


Well, in the first game you could choose tracks. The second one, however, has some of the tracks from the first game, so they are pretty even. But I somewhat agree.



Been listening to Kamikaze for the past few days myself. 100x better than Revival (though that’s not really saying much of course) but definitely a return to form of sorts… not peak Em admittedly, but not far off. The Ringer, Lucky You and Kamikaze are easily the standouts. Still got some cringy choruses, duff production and awful song content in there (Normal, Nice Guy/Good Guy are garbage) but unlike the last outing, he’s not trying to be a zeitgeist social spokesperson for the generation below him, just spittin’ some venom (pun intended) and mostly keeping it personal (which is where Em excels imo (SSLP/MMLP))

Gonna be interesting to see his response to MGK’s track, which I actually thought was surprisingly good all things considered and the fact he put it out in just a couple of days.