Music Thread



While looking for a vid on piano music, to give a vague hint of how a certain speed-runner could pull off an escalation (Loung Lizard music), this “genre”(?) was what came up. So…

Walter Wanderly. I have you in my sights. Now the search begins.


Her new album is out tomorrow. I for one am excited.


Love a bit of Pig Destroyer



A YTP song from 2008


Tfw you tear up when listening to a song called “You don’t have to Cry”


And here it is.


Anyone here also really into Carpenter Brut? :smiley:


Outcome was never in doubt of course, Eminem wins by unanimous decision. Still got to give MGK props though… dude’s probably sold more records this past fortnight than the rest of his career put together.

“I’m just playin’ Diddy, you know I love you!” :laughing:


Yeah, Em called it - “Had to give you a career to destroy it!” Though my favorite bar is " as long as I’m Shady, you’ll have to live in my shadow! "



This is better than Wonderwall, change my mind.


Anything is better than fucking Wonderwall, I hate that song more that any piece of “art” that has been composed in the entire history of human existence.


Screw Oasis, I prefer Pulp


Wow, we really don’t like Oasis here do we. So how about this:


I think Livin’ On A Prayer is better, but that maybe because I am a huge fan of Springsteen and that song is reminiscent of his work like the album Nebraska.


I really like that song as well, but I like a lot of Bon Jovi, and this one is probably a favourite of mine.


Favourite VU album.


Rock music is like pizza, it is incredibly cheesy but sometimes you can go for gourmet. Even the worst pizzas are still enjoyable.