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The original Sounds of Silence:


I love this song for two reasons: the first is the song itself, wonderful; the second is because when I was a child, on a local tv, there was a funny tv show where one of the characters was a singer that sang in italian (a bad italian) the most famous songs, translating them word to word without care of the music and the rhytm. The result was very funny because in order to say all the words (italian language has often a more complicated structure then english one) he had to sing more quickly. One of the song was this


In commemoration if Sean Bean and the HITMAN 2 weapon vote


Best song ever!



My opinion differs:


Props to @Urben for putting this in my head tonight…





The new Author and Punisher album is out. This guy is a one man industrial metal machine who makes all of his own instruments. There’s something really primal and energising about this.



Getting the post rock fever? I usually do come Autumn.


I get the Nirvana fever every now and then. Lately as well. Also, it’s been about a year or so since I got into music relatively seriously and since In Utero became my all-time favorite.

This song has been stuck in my head for a few day and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.