Music Thread


Collapse EP is excellent. Frantic and chaotic from front to back and equally hypnotic and serene at times. It’s like the soundtrack to a 25 minute movie and it makes my imagination run wild.


Love how this has such a groove despite its unconventional timings


RZA ruined his reputation in my eyes when he made that one copy album and then sold it to that greasy snake Shkreli.



From a strictly musical and artistic point of view I can appreciate that he (RZA) was trying to do something innovative and memorable (albeit slight crazy & ultimately pointless to the WU’s current fanbase) but yeah, I do agree that once it became evident what a scumbag Shkreli was, he should have done more to kibosh the deal and take back control.

From an integrity standpoint, the art should always come before the money.

Unfortunately of course as we all know, the world sadly doesn’t work that way.
Like the saying goes…

“Cash. Rules. Everything. Around. Me.”


To me the fact that it was sold to a shitbag like Shkreli is the worst part. Only reason he bought it was because of its price tag, to show it off as a trophy.


At least we can be happy that he’s in jail


Yes indeed. Last I heard, the FBI are currently in possession of the album. What becomes of it now is anybody’s guess.


Discovered this funky gem thanks to a comment under a Talking Heads album remix. The band name is Jagatara and the album name is Nanban Torai for anyone wondering.

Any of you got the idea of what both the name of the song and the lyrics mean?



Music was so good in this game



Had 32 seconds to go on the H2 download… After waiting last week for 8 +/- hours, then 6+ today, then another perpetual 47 minutes (I get it game, you’re a goddamned troll) because there was an error downloading during the previous 6 hours… To say this day didn’t go as planned is a fucking understatement. :smiley:


Been watching this interesting video from Bond reviewer Calvin Dyson about rejected themes for James Bond films. Some really great ones actually like Goldeneye by Ace of Base and The World is not Enough by Straw. But the most bizarre ones have to be The Man with the Golden Gun by Alice Cooper, and Thunderball by Johnny Cash. I find it difficult to imagine any music genre more opposite to James Bond than country music.