My fiancée got me Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition as a surprise!

What a goddamn keeper! :heart:

I’d been playing Dark Souls 3 & she knew Hitman was due out and kept asking me why I don’t play that again since she loves watching me play it.

I said I’d get it eventually—after Demon’s Souls, which was really what I wanted to play since I am in from software mode at the moment—but the glowing reviews and my love for H1 & 2 made me all the more tempted.

So, she’s sneakily asking me about it, and what the difference is between Standard and Deluxe Editions, etc. and I show her on the PSN storefront, not realizing what she’s up to.

I wake up this morning and she’s acting all cagey and playful about something, and I’m like “wtf woman” and she’s like “I’ve got a surprise for you” and I’m like “are you serious” and she’s like “meh” and I’m like “tell me what’s up, I hate it when you do this, are you fucking with me? You always give me shit for fucking with you!”

So, anyhow, the PS5 has very subtle coil whine, and I can tell when it’s on, even in standby… and I’m like “why’s the PS5 on? It should only supply power to USB ports for three hours and it hasn’t been on since last night.”

Anyhow, I make coffee and I’m like “I’m gonna see if my settings have reset,” so I open the drawer containing the controller and my charger cable, and the controller’s no longer connected and I’m like “what the hell, did you game this morning?” (she loves games like Uncharted and The Last of Us) and she’s like “meh,” and I’m like “hmmm… something’s up.”

I switch on the console now, pretty suspicious, and…


Goddamn, what a pleasant surprise.

Just managed to transfer all my H2 to H3 without a hitch and tempted to play right away, but I need to finish Dark Souls 3’s The Ringed City DLC first (ugh, so painful!) and then it’s go time.

Anyhow, just wanted to share it on here.

Hope y’all having fun with your last outing in the World of Assassination!

(Posted this on Reddit too, but wanted to share it here.)


Very wholesome! Well hope you love have a blast with the game and hope your fiancée has as much fun watching you play :green_heart:


That’s how you know she’s a keeper man


Beary nice! Hope you enjoy the game a lot. It’s a great one! :bear: