My hitman 1 legacy pack doesn't act like Hitman 2 dlc on xbox

I own hitman 1 for a long time now and i been playing them remastered in Hitman 2 just fine. I went to go play the new elusive target (Mr.giggles) and it says i need to install the DLC so i went to the Microsoft store and it says it installs so i go to the storage to see leftover DLC and all the Hitman 1 levels were there and i don’t know why. Does anyone know why?

Mr. Giggles appears in A House Built On Sand so you need to install the ‘Legacy - Bonus Episode’ dlc.

You already own the Legacy Pack, so you should be able to find and install the dlc without any issues. You should find it in the list where all your Legacy dlcs are, I think you could also search and install it from the store.

By installing ‘Legacy - Bonus Episode’, you’l be able to access A House Built On Sand, Landslide & The Icon.

A House Built On Sand will be located in Destinations > Marrakesh.
Landslide & The Icon will be located in Destinations > Sapienza.

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