My Hitman 3 VR fears

I hope I’m just nervous over nothing here lol. Hitman 3 is going to have VR (virtual reality), and I’m sure the devs have put effort into making the VR experience special. I worry about this a little bit though. I hope the game doesn’t venture too far from the Hitman formula and/or sacrifice aspects of the game for the sake of VR and making it work. Hitman VR sounds really cool on paper, but VR still has its limitations, and how will these limitations effect the game for those that don’t play in VR? Like will this feature or that feature be absent or toned down to ensure VR works properly? How will flash-bangs or sunglasses affect out VR visuals? How will we know which disguise we are currently wearing? If we are “blending in” looking at a newspaper for example, how will we know whether it’s safe to stop “blending-in” without the 3rd person perspective? What changes will need to made in order to make VR work effectively, and how will any potential changes affect the non-VR experience? I hope it doesn’t feel toned down for the sake of VR. Again, I hope of nervous over nothing and Hitman 3 will exceed all our expectations.

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dont worry too much.

you just look down

you just have to look around. you can also hear footsteps



A quote from the article you posted…

“For example, we’ve adjusted Agent 47’s height in VR to make the first-person view and taking cover work properly. We’ve also adjusted what parts of Agent 47’s body will get detected by guards to make sure that the experience feels right in VR.”

I wonder how this will translate back to third person perspective play? Will the NPCs detection ability be reduced while playing in third person perspective too? Because it sounds like the AI’s detection ability has been dumbed down for the sake of VR. Or will we have a completely separate detection system for third person mode?

These are the types of things I was concerned about. The changes that are needed to make VR work, and how they will translate back to regular non-VR gameplay.

you’re wayyy overthinking this. nothing from VR is gonna translate over to the base game.


It seems like one of the first posts I made here was (an idea) about being able to see the newspaper. Maybe it’d have a story regarding your last mission… Sorta like what they had in Blood Money when you finished a level.

I highly doubt things will get this detailed though. I mean, not that I plan on buying a PS5 so it won’t matter anyway. :sweat_smile:

I’d think it means when you enter the level in VR, some parameters like height, detection of limbs etc are altered, but if you start normal mode, these changes are not in place.
I think VR and normal mode are separated instances, and you can’t switch over during a mission. So the VR adaptions should not affect standard play.

I wonder if they’ll find a way to make VR viable for leaderboard competition, or if it will focus on immersion and atmosphere.


Limits? Lol if anything VR on Hitman opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Yes limits. Have you played any VR games? They can obviously be visually emmersive, but they hardly ever offer the same gameplay depth. Sure VR hitman will be a cool VR experience, but “a whole new world of possibilities”? Please elaborate.

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i feel like it’s just a gimmick to add something new to the franchise and I am sure a lot of people will give it a try and maybe buy VR solely for Hitman, but most people will play it the classic way.


I enjoy VR and I can see the appeal of VR in a Hitman game. I’ll definitely give it a try, but the real Hitman experience has always been the stealth/action in third person perspective. I just hope they don’t sacrifice the roots of the Hitman experience for VR (which could very well be just a gimmick). I hope Hitman 3 delivers in all areas.

Yes, I’ve played a lot of VR games, and I mean a lot, and “no gameplay depth” doesn’t apply at all. Anyways:Full physics interaction . You have complete control of how you do things instead of being limited to canned animations. We’ve already seen this with the gifs they have posted where you can tap someone in the shoulder with one hand and them hit them with the other. You can actually choose in which direction you will knock someone into by swinging the weapon that way instead of having to hope for the right animation. You can handle taking care of multiple enemies without having to deal with overly long animations for each one.
You can actually throw your weapons over fences and the like, as well as using combination of items phisically, like picking up a golf club and hitting a item with it to make it fly where you want . You can choose the way you throw items instead of being limited to arc style thrown of the main game. You could, say, thrown an item from the sewers of sapienza out of the sapienza well, something currently impossible in regular throw mode. Similarly, you could also potentially now use your arms to reach over a high wall and shoot beyond it while in the normal game you are limited to chest level.

Hell, even something as simple as blending in proves that it has more depth. Blending in the regular game is universally one single button press , no real interactivity. In the VR version every different blending in action has a different set of motion action you need to keep up on doing.


I’m looking forward to all the rage when the game continuously blows peoples’ cover because their table wiping or cocktail mixing animation was not deemed realistic enough :black_heart:

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Your examples of how much gameplay depth Hitman 3 VR will have is purely speculation, and not to mention “possibly” wishful thinking.

Aiming over high walls to shoot? Choosing which direction to hit an NPC or which direction to throw them? Do you have any sources for your claims?

I too play a lot of VR games, and you have very high expectations.

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watch this

“aiming over high walls” aka just being able to shoot wherever you want. which is an obvious mechanic that a VR game would have…

you have to manually swing a melee item in order to use it. so, yes, you can choose which direction to hit them from.

and yes, you can “throw” a body while youre dragging it


Aiming over high walls is something that will very obviously work, this is not something that exactly needs extensive programming lol… Just raise your arm over the wall? Lol.

Choosing which direction to hit an NPC or the direction to throw them is things we already seen in VR footage of this game.

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LOL I’ll resurrect this thread after H3 VR drops. No need to go back and forth on this with little to go on aside from talk, assumptions, and predictions. These features seem too advanced IMO. I’ll eat my words when/if your claims prove true. I have a feeling that won’t be the case though. Time will tell.