My Hitman Collection


I have decided my recreate my old “Hitman collection” thread from the original Hitman forum.
Just like the original post, this is to share my Hitman collection with fellow minded Hitman fans.

Future down in the thread there are 3 pictures of new items in my collection.
And you can also spot a glimps of my Blu-ray collection and some my records!

You are welcome to add pictures of your own collection in here aswell,
and i hope that you will do that.

Enjoy! (new and “remastered” pictures of my collection)

Got this long ago, and have seen better days, i might need to throw it out at some pooint. But i’m going to bourn it Jedi Style.

I got this Poster at IO, aswell as the “Guest” stickers from an E3 event at IO HQ in Copenhagen.

And some bonus pictures of other IO games!

Postal_Dude's Hitman Collection
Show off your merch
Do you have a collection of some kind?
Do you have a collection of some kind?

That is really cool mate. I think you have everything there :slight_smile:


O.o that’s really cool. My own collection consists of one Absolution box.


Nice collection you have there Mads!


@Mads47 I am Very jealous

Nice collection! Did you use a stencil for the Hitman sign on your PC? Really want to add that to my own PC case as It looks cool.

I am Guessing your collection has increased over the years? and will continue to do so - with H6 :slight_smile: shame you dont have the lifesize 47 though(very rare) but I know someone who has---->@Lewisnic1


Thank you all :slight_smile:

Yes i did use a stencil on my PC, but sadly i don’t own that PC anymore. I sold it to a friend to get my hands on somthing better, intime i will add a new Hitman logo to it aswell. And yes my collection will grow ones again, when HM6 comes around, also if i find some things i still don’t own. Sadly i don’t have a lifesize 47, but if i find one and the time (money) is right i will by it :slight_smile:


Yeah I still have 47 stood at the end of my bed, I do sometimes wake up during the night and forget he’s stood there and I totally crap myself. :wink:
The Lifesize 47 is definitely the highlight of my collection, for when Hitman 6 comes out I’m sure my collection will be growing as well.

By the way @Mads47, I know it said this on the old forum but you really do have a great collection!


Amazing collection! I’m jealous :D. Wanna sell your collection :D? JK


Not by a million years!, sorry pal i think it would run up in a big sum of money :slight_smile:


Hehe, just kidding. Btw where did you get those Agent 47 action figures?

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They are from Player select, i found them on Ebay. 47 in the white suite was the most expensiv, just search for Hitman player select on Ebay and they will be the first itemes on the list :slight_smile:


Ebay? Ok thanx i gotta get me one of those.

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I got some new Hitman items off from Ebay and will soon be posted aswell. And i’m going to reshoot the old images, to update the collection :slight_smile:

Still wating for the last item to arrive, but it will soon be in my mailbox (hopfully)


Now you know two :smiley:


Have you got one as well @ampburner?


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nice, i got my own personal Hitman Collection as well but its not as big as your’s, as I only have the games on PC and PS2.

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I received one from Eidos back in the day. Great gesture! I have to say it is a bit unpractical keeping the thing around though :smiley:

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Excellent so… two life-size 47 so far! have you got any Photos guys? @ampburner @Lewisnic1

I Would like one myself, always thought It would look cool In my downstairs toilet for obvious reasons :laughing:

Amp If its too impracticable for you too keep him, I Am happy to re-home 47 for you :wink:

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Just like promised, here are the pictures of my new Hitman items! for thoese of you who cares, but… behold!

Hitman Absolution, I.C.A Dossier.

Hitman USB stick

And Hitman: Sniper challenge (did not own the PC hardcover version)

I was supose to buy the Hitman Absolution Player Arts Kai figure, but since it is very very expensive, i’m going to wait a little before buying it.


And you haven’t uploaded pics of it? What kind of sick blasphemer are you?

I wanna see that so badly. Is it a wax figure or plastic? Where do you keep it in your house? What do others in your house think of its intrusiveness or size? How has it handled dust and wear-and-tear over the years? Is it posable? What pose is it in? How detailed is the face embossing?

Sorry if this comes across as abrasive.
It’s a big blue-ball c*cktease to say “I have a life-size Hitman statue in my house” and not show pics of it.