My Hitman Collection


never thought I’d be hyped about a plastic bag but here we go. that is the coolest shit!

:smiley: probably worth more than 5p

That is a sweet collection! I probably have double the amount of stuff you have in this photo :joy:

How long have you been collecting?

really? Nice! you still haven’t shown the briefcase yet tho :). been collecting for like 3 years or so. got lots of non hitman stuff too

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:+1:t2::grin: Yes I know, I’ve got some photo’s of a few bits of my collection and that’s in it, I’ll try and post them tomorrow.

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Some photos I took back in 2017, i’d say this about 15% of my Hitman collection


this is only 15%? wow man! i see you got the blood money notebook :slight_smile: i been looking at it for ages on ebay and when i decided to go for it, it wasn’t there any more. nice stuff there. what would be the remaining 85%? all the books and games i imagine. any cool promo stuff you might want to swap?

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I’d say so I’ve been collecting since I was about 16 and I’m now 28 :joy:

I have promo stuff, versions of the games, books, clothing, swag you name it from even the early games

Also managed to scoop loads of items from the 2 movies too.

I even managed to convince my girlfriend to let me store it all in one of our spare bedroom’s (my man cave) :joy:

Potentially bro! I plan on having another sort through it within the next couple of weeks, what about you, anything you’d swap?


it’s hard to say what I would swap without seeing the stuff. the big picture I’ve posted has all my hitman things on it and they’re pretty precious to me :slight_smile: i do have other merchandise. ps4 stuff, gt, and other things tho. we’ll see

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I think i’d be the same :joy: couldn’t part with anything!

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prob one of the best pics I’ve taken of the Hitman sideshow statue. only used my phone and a torch :raised_hands::ok_hand:



@JaM_47 @handacsaba

amazing stuff! I didn’t know this much Hitman merch existed…

where do you get the t-shirts ?
I like the one with the tie print

it’s from when the movie came out in 2016

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