My Hitman Collection



I have this one.

Plastic - or… fibreglass I suppose.
I keep it in storage because I only have a small condo (the downside of living in Amsterdam) and live by myself.
I’ve had it for years - obviously, since it’s a BM prop and it’s still in mint condition.
Very detailed.
Comes with a base/foot. (like the picture)


@318838 Here is my Lifesize 47 stood in my room.

I’m hoping to have some better pictures on soon. :smile:


Mine’s a bit more modest…

Missing are a 47 T shirt like the one in Mad’s collection, the HD collection,and my boxed copies of Contracts, C47, H2 and BM.

Also, the big dude is signed by the developers and staff at IO. Many great memories from looking at this…


You guys are lucky. All I ever got from IO was a Twitter nod to my old signature but now the link doesn’t even work and my name was never on it so nobody will ever believe me.


I love your “mini 47”/big guy 47 that IO signed, it is a awesome show pice. I would love for IO to sign somthing of mine. By the way, between the I.C.A business card and your signed 47. There is a Absolution card in a sleeve, or what i belive to be a card; what is it?.

I’m very jealous of both you and Lewisnic1, there for i’m not going to put alot of effort into my reply to you guys.
No in all seriousness it is an amazing collectors item and to be so lucky that IO gives it to you, is beyond great. IO is very generous when it comes to their fans, and they have showed that more then one time.

Well it is not that hard to believe, IO have done stuff like that before. Couple of user names from this forum was part of a Absolution trailer, think it was about Contracts if my memmory servs me right :slight_smile:


Oh, that was from the Eurogamer Expo in 2012 - It was a pass that says “VIP Community Member” - The people from HMF that went to the expo meetup were given them. I think it was just to get us in to the dev session early so that we could get good seats!


Oh yeah i remember that, it was in London if i’m not mistaken?


Freedom Fighters is awesome!
Especially co-op.
But nice collection!


Thank you :slight_smile:

I have never played co-up in Freedom Fighters, then again i don’t have anyone to play it with :stuck_out_tongue:


After thoroughly browsing the web in search of the ICA dossier, USB and tie clip. With no luck at all, I’m beginning to lose hope. :fearful:

Does anyone know if these items are still able to be purchased online, or are these all long gone?


Hey, @ampburner @Lewisnic1 ,here’s Jesper Kyd with your lifesize model:


What is Jesper Kyd doing in my basement?


The question is why where you not there to be part of the picture, uninvited or not; you should have been.


Hey @Arvin47 that is Awesome, where did you find the picture? :slight_smile:


when I heard of Jesper Kyd for first time and that he’s who made soundtracks for hitman series(about 2 years ago),and I heard people talking about him,saying that “Jesper Kyd’s works are amazing”,I became curious about him,and I didn’t remember much of previous title’s soundtracks because I played them a long time ago,I was happy because I found a site to download all soundtracks of hitman series and then I understood what people are saying about Jesper Kyd.
then I became curious about Jesper Kyd’s face,so I searched it on the Google Images,and that picture was one of the results,now that you shared your lifesize 47,I remembered that I saw it with Jesper Kyd on the Google some time ago,so I looked for it again and I found it,and shared it here :smile:


Arvin47 Hitmanforum does not support illegal downloads or links, neither do i want them in my threads. Please remove the link.


Sorry,I didn’t know that.


Hi guys - new member here. This was the only thread I could find with Hitman collections and I love what I see. I just started collecting merchandise this summer, posted below. Has anyone added anything new to their collection recently?


Nice stuff there Stauro :wink:


Welcome and thank you for uploading pictures of your collection. Looks good :blush:, and yes i have some new items i haven’t uploaded.