My Hitman Collection


Thank you! If you have time, please post your updates :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at the Hitman review guide or the bullet USB yet. I am going to check look at them more soon.

P.S. - I bought 2 posters from someone, and they also had the 6 foot sniper poster that you have there. I wanted it but had nowhere to keep it, haha.


So it’s been a while since i udated this thread, not that i havn’t got hold of new items, just not got around to it.

I’ll Start off with what i got at IO-Interactive’s Launch party

The box it all came in

Hit Magazine, some light reading for your flight

Travel pillow, with sleep thingy

Here is the thing i promised @BiGGY to upload, Hitman mints. For the next picture there will follow a taste review

Review: They taste like Mints

A new T-shirt, a autographed Art book, certificate of honor, I.C.A file folder

Play Arts Kai Figure from Absolution



You need a secret room with a secret entrance to house your collection!


Oh man, I’m so jealous! I MUST have this Hitman mints box!!! Awesome collection Mads47. Thanks for posting.


Hey Mads could you provide me some info on the magazine? How many pages? What’s the articles about?
I’d like to know if it is something worth collecting.


Behold: The entirety of my Hitman collection, a grand total of one (1) items, tightly packed to fit on a single picture :smile:

I also still have the Codename 47 box, one of only three cardboard boxes that I kept from the time before DVD cases became the standard. :cry:


My entire Hitman collection.

Do you have a collection of some kind?

awesome stuff guys, I feel bad for making the 48th post in this thread :frowning:


Shame on you. Shame.


Cool collection, the box on the black box with the red logo, is that not tied into the 2007 movie?


The box with the red logo is the limited edition Hitman headset.


Movie or?, can you show us the headset?


Not the movie. It came out for HiTMAN (2016).|B013XAVLYW|B013XAVPBQ


Hm never seen or heard of that headset before, hm. Might have to get my hands of that item.


Mads be careful, it’s starting to look like you have a serious condition.


IKR. Mads seems to have pretty much everything. LOL :smile:


Also i don’t have to room for it, but hey i got money to waste that i don’t have!. Lately i stored all version of the games at my parents house. I own very copy of any Hitman game on any platform and I don’t know why.


Those Agent 47 NECA figures that you have. Are they worth getting?


They fall easily, and the play arts kai was pretty “meh”. I’m glad enough for the NECA, but they are extremely price today.

Also there could be worse thing to collect, like Star Wars. Even though i’m a SW fan…i’m not going down that road.


You don’t have to lie to us Mads. This is a circle of trust. You can release all of your inner emotions and secret Star Wars collections here. :heart: