My Hitman Collection


The closest i come to that is my Force Fx Lightsaber, but that is one item, and the movies. That is hardly a collection.


I just messing with ya buddy. I’m still massively envious of your collection.


I’m gonna have to post my Hitman collection very soon. I have a TON of Hitman goodies!! :wink: Some store bought, some custom made, but still a ton! I’m still looking to add to my collection…I think I have a problem :frowning:

Nice collection though


Well, you should post your collection man. I’d like to see it. :smile:


There are some hardcore fans here, I grew up playing the game but have no collection to speak off :disappointed:. I am very jealous you guys have some awesome stuff there. I will be lucky if I get to rebuy all the old games again. Watching all the videos on here does really make want to replay them.


Here is my Hitman collection!!!

This is just the half of it. I’m no where near finished completing my collection. I have a lot more on my list. I will update again in the future when it’s totally completed. But for now, here is half. Hope you enjoy!


Mega jealous bet you spent some pennies on all that :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks man!

Well actually some stuff I made myself. Some I bought on my own and the rest my wife and friends got me in past years… Birthdays, Christmas, etc.

But I am no where near done!!! :sunglasses:


Where the hell is my Hitman swag at IOI!!? I don’t preorder these games and take surveys on em fo nuffin! Everybody else, Kickass collections. Love the suit 47 with the cufflinks and belt! I want that Zippo too!!


Lol the Zippo I got custom made, can’t buy it anywhere else… It’s “One of a Kind” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Haha!
But yeah, I love the suit and my zippo. Two of my favorites :smiley:

There are a few things I still wanna get on
Game I got the tie and Keychains from that site, but they still have other really cool stuff I’d like to get “in the near future.”


I customized that Zippo :hugs:


I just checked Game legends, OMG!OMG! Hitman Coffee cup! and shot glasses! …dog tags too… I also need one or all of those T-shirts as well… Thanks for the link, Diana can you make me one too? What the hell are Euro’s? Or is that pounds? … Bout to order something but i have no clue how much anything costs lol


No problem.
Yeah I really want that mug and shot glasses and the ICA portfolio lol :open_mouth:


The total for the Keychains would come to about $8.00 USD for each. Plus shipping, but I forget exactly how much it was, but very reasonable.

They are actually very cheep, but the quality of the Keychains were surprisingly good!


I only take orders from @AGENT4T7 :wink:

But if you live near a local engraver, they can make you one. Just need to buy a Zippo. I got his done at a place called “Things Remembered.”


So that is the belt you were talking about (engraved logo) Looks really really wonderful. They should start a classic clothes store like Armani or Calvin Klein just with simple clothes but with the logo on everything.


Yup that is it! And yeah they defiantly should :smiley:

But my camera ain’t the best, I mean the pictures are O.K. But they do not do it justice. I really like how the engraving came out in the belt and the Zippo. Very sharp!


I got plenty of zipp’s but unfortunately i live in a rural area at the moment. But i’ll be moving here soon. Thank you guys for the assistance, your usual fee has been wired to your accounts.


Thats dr ort-meyere’s belt buckle… If you have seen it.


I did see it lol that’s what made me wanna get one :laughing:

Yeah here’s the picture