My Hitman Collection


Never in my life I notice that. NEVER in 12 years that I played Hitman did I ever ever notice that


You have to move him… In order to see it.


Well ya see, that’s just one reason to love Hitman :smiley: Even after 12 years, you can find out something new!


Saw absolution professional edition in morrisons but I have no Xbox 360 :disappointed: bad times.



There is some great stuff people have in there Collections. I still think my favourite Collectable is the Lifesize 47 Statue.


Well my collection at least, is FAR from complete lol maybe one day I will find a way to obtain that statue :smiley:

I still have a ton more items on my list.


I bet that statue costs a pretty penny!


I saw it on EBay at one time for $2,000 USD :frowning:

But that was a while ago, don’t know if it changed or if it’s even on there still…

But would LOVE to have it one day!


There was one on sale on a cheap price if the seller didn’t make a mistake with the price. Personally I find that statue to be kinda ugly. They could do a better version now.

And here is another site. 1.6000€ not bad,us,4,ODCHITMANS.cfm


Yeah I agree, they definitely could have done a better job with the statue, but I would still like to have it :laughing:

The other statue… The “Priemum format figure” of 47 also looks… “off”
(of coarse still would want it lol)

But yeah, it puzzles me out of all the figures/statues of 47, they can never get him done "accurately"
I mean it’s not like they don’t have the technology to do so, cause they do. I seen a figure of “Jack Bauer” from the series of “24” and it is unbelievable how well it looks like him, it’s almost scary cause how real it looks lol like looking at a real miniature version of him.

And it ain’t like 47 would be hard to make accurately…or at least it shouldn’t be…I mean come on, bald guy, suit, red tie, barcode, cheekbones. How hard can it be


If they could make a statue/figure of 47 that looks just like this, I would be really happy :smiley:


All they need to do is the head. That’s all. But I think you can find some company that can make the head identical to Absolution model. Of course it wont come cheap. But still, all you need is a mannequin. I see you already got the suit :smiley:


Yeah I love that suit man!
But yeah lol that would look freaky as hell, having a life size head sculpt of 47 and put it on my mannequin with the suit :smile:

I’d walk into my room and forget about it and it would scare the shit out of me!


I’m sure there are Hitman fans with 3D printers out there who’d do a pretty stellar job crafting something like that.


I’m sure there is as well, however finding that person is the tricky part. Besides even if I did find the right person, just as @badeaguard mentioned, it would not come cheap. But it’s defiantly worth looking into…
For me, anyway.


I will never have that kind of money spare to spend on a Hitman statue :laughing:.


I know it’s outrageously expensive. I doubt I’ll ever have the spare cash myself to afford something like that, but one can dream, right? :smile: Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Lol


I love Hitman but unless I come into some serious money I will always have more important things to spend that amount of cash on :laughing:.


I really would like to see you’re collection once it’s complete!! I have a fair few stuff but it’s scattered all over my room so it’s getting the time to get it altogether to get it snapped up to put on here.


Yeah I’m gonna post more pictures in the future once it’s completed.

But yeah, you really should. I would love to see your collection. I like seeing other peoples love for Hitman! :smiley: