My Hitman Collection


If they can make Obama and other famous characters. This company sure as hell can make 47

And a life size head on this website costs 800£


Very creepy indeed £800 is still very steep for the average person, it is for me anyway :laughing:.


It ain’t 2000£ so that’s something.


After getting out the Blood Money banner to take a pic, I decided I should actually hang it up again (shame on me for taking it down in the first place).

I then noticed it must feel kinda lonely up there.
So I searched through the cellar for my old stuff, did some shopping on Ebay and also some begging among friends in order to be able to dedicate at least part of the cabinet to Hitman. I limited myself to all sorts of reading material and the actual games (or rather the boxes, especially steelbooks) though.

Speaking of books, there was a free, digitally-released comic that acted as prequel to the second movie. Does somebody know if any physical copies were produced? If not, I might try and have one made. Since it’s tied to the movie it probably sucks, but still…


eBay has one. I didn’t realize it back then, I just printed all the comic strips out from my printer and made my own little comic book lol I’ll probably get this one as well :smile:

Btw: the comic was actually better than the movie :laughing:


Thanks. There are now several, but all of them in the States I think. Apparently it comes with some edition of the DVD there. I don’t like the cover art though, so I think I’ll print it myself or have it made.

Here’s a link for those who haven’t seen it yet btw:


47 needs to lay off the fake tan.


Sure thing!
Yeah, I’m not a fan of it myself. I’m glad I made my own version lol

Still would like to get that one though, eventually…


A friend of mine works at a mail-order company that sells action figures (they specialize in GI Joes) all over the world. About a week ago he sent me a link to this guy, I didn’t see the Dreamer figure mentioned in this thread so I thought I’d post it in case anyone’s interested.

They specialize in 1/6 scale and that’s what this one is, so it’s probably 11"-12" tall.

My buddy says Dreamer figures are pretty well-made. It’s just the Hitman head and hands with one of their standard bodies. This head looks like Olyphant from the movie, although there’s apparently a “game head” you can purchase as well.

It’s $120, although it looks like they may not have it in stock yet. It includes Body, Headscuplt, Shirt, Tie, Suit, Belt, Pants, Overcoat, Shoes, Gloved hands, Hands x6, Japanese sword x2, Handgun x2, Magazine x2, Silencer x2. I even found a video review:

Here’s a link, you can also find other sellers by googling “Dreamer Hitman action figure”


Now THAT is an impressive collection you got there m8! :astonished:


Lol thanks man, yeah been collection Hitman stuff for years now, Birthday gifts, stuff I bought and some stuff I actually made myself. But there is still a lot more on my list :smile: Like I said above, I am no where near finished. Yes…I have a problem, I am well aware lol


I made this myself. I definitely like the dreamer figure though. :slight_smile:


Did you made the clothing?


I made the tie with sewing materials and used Velcro for the pants. I bought the top of the suit, but I can definitely find a better one. Definitely still a work in progress.


Pretty good for now. Are you planning to actually make it look custom tailored?


That’s the plan. I definitely want better shoes and I want to find a way to make a suitcase. I found a WA2000 rifle too.


Well, good luck. It seems you are very determined to make an actual Agent 47 in miniature.with all the details.


Yeah. It is definitely a fun little project.


I saw this one a couple of month ago. They do sell lots of well made things I see. Also there is a head to buy that looks exactly like Absolution face.
But my favorite in that list in “A good day Johnny”


I found this in my wardrobe the other day! Had it when Blood Money came out :smile: