My Hitman Collection


Good old weapon disarm where did you go :disappointed:.


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I’m bearded and bald with two little clones (twin girls) hahaha!


LOL… you have the complete package…!


I should have named them Diana and Victoria :grin: I used to have the NECA figure, the Bloodmoney one. Lost it between moves though :frowning: That figure was awesome!


Hahaha okay, so my grandmothers one friend made me a crochet ‘Agent 47’ for Christmas! that was so nice of her to do, but I can’t help but feel I corrupted an old lady lol

This was very surprising to get, I think it’s so cool, it’s a “granny style” 47. My grandmothers friend is 86 plus she has Parkinson’s, she is so awesome for making this for me!
Merry Christmas!


Beary pawsome indeed :bear::heart_eyes:! Grannies can be the most wonderful persons you ever met!


This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all year


That’s crazy cool. Display that thing, now :slight_smile:


LOL! Dude, that’s so awesome :laughing:. That’s a nice thing to have. I like how little the handguns are.


Way ahead of ya man, already did! Lol

And @Vinnie_Sinistra the lady didn’t put the guns in his hands, I actually just used two pistols my nephews had with their army toys :joy:

I have some threaded cable wire laying around somewhere, maybe I’ll put a strand of it in his hands lol


BEST GRANDMA EVER!!! And also you have the possibility to make a quick fiber wire as improvisation.

I remember when I was a kid I asked my grandma to make me a poweranger suit. She never delivered even if she said yes don’t worry :frowning:


Go, Go, Powerangers!! :joy:

Yeah, I really like it, her friend did a great job! I know I have some cable wire somewhere, I think I might place a strand on him when I find it.


Man, nice collections. I envy you haha. My collection consists of nothing. I just gave away my HD trilogy and now i have nothing left, should have kept the manual at least. But i’m planning on buying the new hitman soon. Being on a hitman forum and not owning a single copy of the franchise is a disgrace.


Here is my collection


So after being hidden away in boxes for over a half year, my Hitman collection finally got the chance to spread it’s wings!



Awesome collection you got there @Mads47!
I really have to start mine up again. So much I had my eye on that I still need to get.

Can never have too much Hitman :smile:


My favorit items are the big old school Codename 47 game box and the Fiber wire / Spoon. Plus the travel kit is pretty nice as well :slight_smile: I’m not sure if i’m going to continue buying everything. I’m kinda running out of room and it ins’t as important to me anymore :confused:


Hell yeah!! A MUST have in any Hitman collection lol
But yeah I hear ya, I too ran out of space for all my stuff. I also may be moving pretty soon so I had to box all of my Hitman stuff up. Only took like 5 giant boxes :joy:


I like it a lot how you positioned the action figures