My Hitman Collection


Yeah I tried to do something different, my cheesmaster figure is showcased with my gaming setup.


Hitman movie? Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes. Not a good hitman movie but decent movie after all. Unlike creed movie that was horrible. 47is indeed not portaid well and way to much action but silly fun to watch… creed movie has rushed story and bad visuals…


Incredible :heart_eyes:


So I been planning on making a replica necklace (Victoria’s) from Hitman Absolution and came across one online that somebody made…

It’s not too bad, but I believe I can do a little bit better. The one in the pic above, they made the triangle way too yellow. It should be more of a reflective type material. Sort of like this…

If you look closely, the design from the in game Necklace even has that ‘honeycomb’ design…


You have multiples copies of different hitman games in discs?

Eww. Digital copies for the winnnnn


Nice collections, Guys!

Is there any chance to get HITMAN artbook somewhere? :blush:


Which one of them? there are a couple, But either way i guess Ebay is your best bet.




Thanks, I just ordered. :rofl:


Had a thought today…

I was planning on replicating the Hope Cougars letterman jacket from Absolution. While Absolution isn’t my most favorite Hitman game, I really do love how the jacket looks.

I was searching around and found one online that looks very similar. It may need some modifications, I could always replace the bottons with silver ones. Then of course get the iron-on patch made to put on it.

What do you guys think?
@badeaguard I know you’re a guy who appreciates small details so I would especially love to hear your thoughts, or advice on where I could find a more accurate looking jacket :slightly_smiling_face:

The Patch

Any ideas on what font is used on the jacket???


I have you covered. I have saved this website for one day that I want to attached the Hitman symbol NO ONE CARES ABOUT somewhere on clothes or maybe even a bag.

But you can find many thing online in the USA for sure. But it is possible to replicate it as long as you have a design of course.
Same things applies what I did with the towel. You remember it? I bought the towel and send it to this company who made it for me.

These websites are just examples.

Search online for custom embroidered logo

Actually the jacket you’re showing is identical if not almost the same.


Haha I certainly care about the logo! Lol and yes, of course I remember your towel, you actually inspired me to get one as well.

But thank you very much @badeaguard I will certainly look into this. But I have to agree, the jacket is almost identical I’m actually surprised I found one


I finally decided to update my Hitman collection and shift some things around. It was time and I wanted it to look better overall, so I bought some glass doors for my bookcase. Also it adds the benefit of limiting dust a hole lot, I never cared about dusting off.


There are some few new items in there, like H2 collectors edition, a dressup 47 and so on.


that’s sick mate! who signed the artbook?


I got it at IO at H16 launch event where Tv2 was broadcasting as well, there was a bunch of artbooks signed. I’m not quite who individually signed it, since some of the hand writing is hard to read, also I never really tried xD


i love that you still have the Big Box from Codename 47, lost mine original Copy long time ago :frowning:


Yeah it’s my crown jewel! bought in on ebay many years ago, all the way from Canada.


That’s an incredible collection good sir.



The house is christmas proof…