My Hitman Collection


My mom used to have that snowman decoration. It’s exactly the same one!


Lol, nice!

Looks like my avatar :yum:


Hey, I can’t remember if I shared this before, but stumbled upon it again today.

It’s a padfolio my wife got me a while back for my birthday to use for work.

It didn’t come with the pen, she got that separate. It’s called a “Lamy Pico Pen” and they’re really cool. (They have different colors but I wanted chrome)

I printed out the ICA logo too (I wanna get the other version sometime later to replace it) for the front of the notepad.

Just wanted to keep it classy with “my business”


Merry her again! :heart_eyes:


Haha yeah, she got me a lot of Hitman stuff over the years.